Participating in Clinical Trials

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Do you know someone who has been participating in clinical trials? Or maybe you have heard advertisements on the radio or seen them in a newspaper or online. It is possible that you even saw a flyer or two floating around your college campus at some point.

Clinical trials are created to test treatments for potential side effects and effectiveness before they hit the market. People are needed to volunteer to test the drugs or other treatment, and these individuals are compensated for their time and effort.

As you can imagine, this can be a pretty good option for college students who are looking to make some quick cash. It can also be helpful for those who need a little bit of extra money from time to time to pay an unexpected bill. Payment varies from trial to trial, but it can go up to several hundred dollars per visit.

The way that the system works, some participants are given a dose of the drug and others are provided with a placebo. The medical professionals then collect data on the drug. They consider things like the effectiveness of the drug in treating the condition, side effects, and dosage.

While participating in clinical trials can be a good way to make extra money, they can also be beneficial to your own health. If you have a condition for which a medication is being tested, you may be able to receive effective treatment before most other patients.

Additionally, it is possible that a physical will be required before the trial. So, even if you are in good health, may be able to learn more information if it has been awhile since you have last seen the doctor. This can also be beneficial if you do not have health insurance or your insurance would not typically cover this type of appointment.

Besides a physical, more involved tests may be required for your participation. So, it is possible that you could have to undergo an MRI, for example, beforehand. But, all that means is that you will be able to benefit from having more detailed information about your health at no cost to you.

On top of those benefits, if the drug ends up being effective, you will be able to know that you helped others by your participation. If you take any medication at all, you are benefiting from other people who have taken part in clinical trials at some point or another.