How Can I Get Taller Fast?

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I have always been the small kid who never was the first choice for neighborhood basketball games and to console me my mother would always say things like, “you are still young and you will grow with the passage of time”. I waited and puberty happened but the only thing that I wished I could change about myself is my body height, never quite caught up with the development of everything else. It seemed like I would have to get used to looking up at people from the rest of my life. Being short is not necessarily a handicap but my self-confidence always wavered whenever tallness became an issue. I hated the thought that there was nothing I could do to compensate for my shortness but in the back of my mind I thought that there should be something I can do just to add a few inches, and so, I went looking for answers to how to grow taller.

What genes have to do with anything?

The first thing I had to look at was whether being short ran in the family but by all accounts from family members, the gene for tallness skipped a generation when it came to me. Genetic science is complicated and I knew that trying to understand and delve into that subject would only confuse me; all I could hope for was that I would not be the one to carry this through my own children. I hoped that there was a genetic fluke, which would raise itself up eventually. Therefore, I moved on to practical, plausible options on how to grow taller like diet, exercise, posture, medication as well as surgery.

How to grow taller with correct posture?

My mother always told me to sit straight but slouching on the sofa was always more comfortable. Now that I am older and know a few things about the spine, I wish, I had done what my mother had said. I did not know that the discs between the vertebrae are made of stretchable cartilage that elongates. When you are sitting straight, your spinal cartilage stretches and you appear taller. Lucky for me I can always learn to change my posture even in my old age. That is the first thing I decided to change and I have noticed that I look taller when I stand straight.

How to grow taller with exercise?

Exercise is always good for the body. To become taller the most logical exercises to perform are leg exercises. I am not very fond of exercise but the things we do not like are normally the very things that turn out to be good for us. My reasoning was that even if I do not grow an inch because of exercise I would be doing one thing that is necessary to keep my body in shape. I also found out how to grow taller by stretching before and after exercise. By stretching, I do not mean the kind a gymnast would do, but it is an aspiration for me to be able to stretch my legs to the fullest.

Nutrition – and how to grow taller with the right food

A well balanced diet is good but food that has protein and calcium is the best diet. Calcium and magnesium are essential for bone development. With stronger bones, conditions like osteoporosis can be kept at bay. Protein on the other hand is important for building muscles. Again, the importance of a healthy diet is one that was taught to me from an early age but like most children, I could bury myself in bags of potato chips more easily than I could take a spoonful of peas.

Now that I know how to grow taller, I have changed many bad eating habits and I swear in a year I have not only an inch taller but I am healthier as well.