Be Uncomfortable

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

When we learn something, we are generally going to be uncomfortable while experiencing new things. Our minds and bodies are being stressed. The better you become at coping with the stress of learning, then the more you will learn. In personal training and fitness, a trainer must stress the client to get out of their comfort zone.

People are sometimes so content with being comfortable that they never go anywhere. This is where we come in and change the norm. You must be pressured into feeling uncomfortable in order to achieve any new accomplishments. Push yourself to be uncomfortable. When we workout, we are stressing our bodies and pushing our limits.

As trainers, we must stress our clients with a little pressure, or fear even, to be uncomfortable. It is painful, but we must learn to chase to the pain. Run back to it and say, “Hey! I’m not done with you yet!” and take your mind and body to the limit. Stressing your mind and body elevates your senses and awareness so that you can perform to your fullest potential at an alarmed state. When working out, this includes a high respiration rate and high heart rate. The more you learn to cope with and even strive in this type of alarmed state, the better you will be.

Then the feeling even becomes so elevated that you will fiend for it. This feeling of exhilaration and discomfort will actually end up being comfortable. Then, once again we can push ourselves even further out of comfort zone and elevate our minds and bodies even further. It is a perpetual cycle of improvement that we should be striving for in life. It takes time, patience and perseverance are key in striving for success in life, personal and business.

If you can be comfortable with being uncomfortable, such a juicy contradiction, then you can take on anything. If you can be comfortable when being faced with a challenge, whether it be physical, mental, or spiritual, then you are limitless.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Pursue a a better life. Get up off the couch and start moving. Change your thought patterns and change your life. If you want to be happy, then you can be happy if you really have the passion to. The longer you remain comfortable at where you are at, the longer you will be stuck there. If you are not trying to be better, then you are not going to be better.