Know the 5 Killer Qualities Which Attract Men

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As they popular saying goes, the first impression is the last impression; but how many women have actually thought about attracting men besides using their looks? No too many! Of course, looks have an important place of their own, but there’s more to what a man sees in you. If you wish to attract men, here are several things you need to do apart from dressing up right:


Most women carry a misconception according to which showing your feminine side is a weakness. If you are of the same opinion, you are wrong. Femininity is one trait guys look forward to and cannot resist at any cost. You can still control every situation using your femininity and ‘girly’ behavior. Just know the boundaries and do not got over the top and there is no chance you will fail to attract men.

Self Esteem

In order to have someone love you, you need to love yourself first. This rule applies to a great extent when it comes to men attraction. Accept who you are, respect yourself and fall in love with yourself first. The self esteem you carry automatically reflects in your attitude and that’s exactly what will make a man fall for you. Also, never change yourself to impress a man, unless you think you can be a better version of yourself.


The key to a successful relationship is playfulness. In the middle of being able to impress this significant other, do not forget to be the happy, playful and fun loving person you are. Men love being around a girl who is cheerful and the center of attraction at gatherings. Being stressed, unhappy and dependent is just not the way to attract men, so flaunt your playfulness and see how your company becomes irresistible to men.


Men love girls who they can have intelligent conversations with, so be the one. Of course you can work on your intelligence, but if you are born with that quality, why not use it as a tool for men attraction. You can spend hours caking your face with makeup, but if you cannot hold a conversation for long, it all ends in vain. Also remember that in order to attract men, your intelligence should be cooperative not competitive, know the difference between the two.


Do you want to make a guy feel weaker and more drawn towards you? A good fragrance, especially a pheromone fragrance, is the way to it. Always smell great around the guy you want to impress. The power of fragrance when men attraction is under question, never goes to waste, so use it wisely!