Water Fiter Pitchers: Providing Clean and Cold Water at Low Cost

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People nowadays have become a lot more health conscious and have been trying to make better choices when it comes to nutritional habits. One area that is very important and that deserves special attention is the water we drink and cook with.

Most of us live in cities and therefore have access to municipal tap water which is treated for microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. But tap water may still contain other impurities such as various harmful metals and pesticides. In addition, chemicals such as chlorine used during treatment may leave in tap water some unpleasant taste. Water filtering pitchers and dispensers can be used to improve the quality of your tap water.

Water filter pitchers and dispensers can get rid of many types of impurities from your tap water and make it regain its pleasant taste and transparency. The filters used by these filtering pitchers and dispensers are made of activated carbon and ion exchange resin. The activated carbon filters the chlorine used in tap water treatment, certain pesticides that may have remained in the water, and other organic impurities. The ion exchange resin restores pleasant taste, removes odors, and softens the water by reducing the presence of limestone and metals such as lead, aluminum and copper. Filtering a liter (about 4.2 cups) of water with a filtering pitcher usually takes from three to four minutes.

Water filter pitchers come in various types and sizes. The smaller sized models have the advantage of nicely fitting into your refrigerator door. On the other hand, water filtering dispensers have much larger capacities and therefore can only be placed on refrigerator shelves that have enough space to accommodate them. Most water filtering pitchers and dispensers are equipped with built-in indicators that show when the filter needs to be changed.

The most popular water filter pitcher and dispenser brands are Brita, PUR, Clear2o, ZeroWater and Mavea. Here is a summary of where the different brands excel:

Most thorough filtering: ZeroWater (uses a 5-stage filtration system).
Fastest filtering: Clear2o (uses a hose for filling which speeds the filtering process).
Longest filter duration: Clear2o (note however that the harder a filter works the shorter it lasts).
Best taste: Mavea and Clear2o (though the other brands produce quite acceptable taste).
Largest capacity: Brita, PUR and ZeroWater dispensers.
Best designs: Brita and Mavea (some models come in various colors)..

It has been estimated that a small family using water filter pitchers or dispensers would be spending per year a tenth of the dollar amount that it would need to spend to buy bottled water. Of course, for larger families using more water, the savings would be even bigger! By filtering your own water, you will both be saving money, and helping the environment by eliminating plastic waste from discarded water bottles.