How You Can Prevent Traumatic Brain Injuries

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A traumatic brain injury can be caused by car or motorcycle accidents, assaults, falls and so on. In babies and toddlers, the most common cause is shaken baby syndrome. It can lead to problems with speech, walking and overall motor function, as well as cognitive deficits. There are several ways of reducing your chances of suffering from a traumatic brain injury and if you read on, you will be able to discover them.

You should endeavor to protect your head when engaging in risky activities like bike riding, skateboarding, skiing and so on. It is important to make use of a helmet that fits properly because research shows that those who wear helmets while bike riding lessen their chances of traumatic brain injuries by 80%.

Additionally, if you are minding a baby, you should avoid shaking the baby. You can take a break from a crying baby if the need arises so that you will not lose control and shake him. Parenting can be very challenging and it is possible to get overwhelmed at times. As a result of this, if you discover that you are losing your patience with a crying baby or child, you can step away in order to take a time out. During this time, you should take deep breaths and gain control of the situation.

When you are in the car, you should wear your seat belt and ensure that young children are buckled in the car seat. Car accidents can lead to traumatic brain injuries even if a car is travelling at a low speed. It is important to note that children under the age of thirteen should ride in the back seat and you should ensure that you drive a car with airbags, if you can afford to do so, in order to reduce serious injuries in case of any accident.

Furthermore, you should install lights near staircases in order to prevent falls. Young children and seniors are more prone to falls and every possible measure must be taken to get them prevented. You should fit bars and locks on windows to prevent children from opening them and bath mats should be placed in the bathtub to guide against slipping.

If you have a gun at home, it should be kept unloaded and ammunition locked. The gun should be properly kept away from the reach of children and it is important to go for a handgun safety class so that you will know the proper way of using it safely.