Your OBGYN Is On Your Side

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Women’s healthcare is a complicated area of medicine. They have a whole set of special needs that no other people have. A doctor that specializes in women’s health is called a OBGYN. These doctors are trained to help women with their medical needs from adolescence to pregnancy to menopause.

The term OBGYN is short for obstetrics and gynecology. These are both surgical-medical specialties that deal with the female reproductive organs. These doctors are trained to care for women who are pregnant as well as provide overall care for women who aren’t pregnant. It is important for a woman to find a compassionate and skilled doctor that makes them feel at ease. Women have to undergo some uncomfortable procedures as part of their routine healthcare and it helps to have a physician who can keep you relaxed during your appointments.

An OBGYN office should be a stress-free environment where women feel comfortable going for annual exams, consultations and health screenings. Once a woman finds out she is pregnant she can plan on spending quite a bit of time at her doctor’s office. The environment in the office should be a comfortable one for all family members since fathers and children often accompany women to their appointments. Family members often have questions and concerns that they want to discuss with the doctor during those appointments.

A woman’s OBGYN will be the person delivering her child so she wants to be comfortable and confident with that person. From the time a woman goes into labor, throughout delivery and into recovery the doctor will be there every step of the way. In some cases women may experience an emergency situation during childbirth and their doctor is trained to deal with those situations as well. There are conditions other than pregnancy that these doctors deal with. All areas of pelvic and cervical health are also managed by these types of physicians. Routine yearly exams, cancer screenings and pap smears are also performed on a regular basis. They also deal with medical concerns regarding birth control, mammograms, menstrual and menopause issues.

Women’s healthcare is a multi-faceted specialty that requires extensive training as well as a great amount of compassion. Physicians are required to complete a residency after they complete medical school, and some doctors pursue even more training so that they may pursue a sub-specialty such as family planning, maternal-fetal medicine or reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

It is a good idea for every woman as well as adolescent girls to be under the care of a skilled OBGYN. Many women tend to stay with the same physician for years so establishing a good relationship with their doctor is extremely important. A woman should feel comfortable enough with her physician to discuss any medical concerns or symptoms she may be having. There are many subtle symptoms that can lead to much bigger health concerns down the road. It is important for women to remember that their physician is a member of their medical team and one who is on their side.