Renal Failure – Tested Methods of Curing

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It’s painful to hear from the nephrologist that you are suffering from chronic renal failure. The common methods of curing is either dialysis or surgery for transplantation. You dread both of these and are desperately on the lookout for solutions that are painless and less stressful.

Don’t worry-handy home-made remedies are available for you to get relief conspicuously. Have you heard of herbal preparations and supplements for curing such a sickness? If not, read on and get a basic idea about these remedies. The fundamental idea behind these simple techniques is to offer you effective relief from anxiety, pain and agony.

There are many benefits attached to these tested methods of curing renal failure, such as:

• A visible reduction in the creatinine levels

• Postponement of dialysis

• Putting off surgery

• Reducing the amount of waste materials generated by prescribing easy-to-digest food items

• Activating the other organs like bowels, skin and liver so that they work together towards the cause of waste removal from the body

In addition to the age-old methods like dialysis and transplantation to cure renal failure, continuous research has introduced many novel options, such as:

a. Alternative medicine

b. Naturopathy

c. Herbal preparations

d. Home-made remedies using common ingredients

Some popular solutions to cure chronic renal failure are

• Administration of probiotics

• Extracting the juice of cucumber, cranberry, radish, banana and beet

• Including vegetables like pumpkin and bottle gourd in meals

• Using the extracts of herbs like astralagus, basil, dandelion, juniper berry anduva ursi

• Regular practice of yoga

Now, as a person suffering from this serious illness, you need to make sure that you stick to the given diet plans and medicines without any deviation.

More importantly, you need to keep your body and mind fit so that your recovery gets a much-needed boost. It is never easy to cope with the changes in your life brought about by this ailment. You may have to stay away many things, such as your favorite foods and reduce the intake of salt, phosphorus and creatinine.

The best way to attain good, permanent results through methods like naturopathy will be to consult a seasoned expert in this field before you start dialysis.

In fact, if you follow their stipulated guidelines diligently, then you could be successful in postponing dialysis or transplantation. The crux of choosing these methods of curing is to reduce the burden of the organs of the waste removal system by not pressurizing them with harsh chemicals.