The Spark of Life is Natural Energy

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Healthy, smooth-flowing, balanced energy levels supply the spark of life. Who among us has not noticed that, when we’re filled with a sense of emotional, mental and physical vitality, life flows so much more positively?

Any problems that pop up – and, of course, it’s in the nature of day-to-day life that they will – can be faced with confidence and resourcefulness when we are full of healthy energy. Yet the opposite is also unfortunately true. We are unlikely to be able to think creatively and laterally when we feel completely drained and exhausted.

These observations have significance for our personal relationships, as healthy levels of vital energy are important in helping us to make the most of the relationships that matter most in our lives. High levels of vitality enable us to enjoy the many pleasures that come from socializing with friends, playing With children, working and thinking creatively and making love, (always a good one), They also help us to maintain a healthy sense of humour in sticky patches. Yet how many of us unconsciously settle for energy levels that can be best described as lacklustre? we know how stressful and demanding modern-day life has undeniably become, and, as a consequence, many of us may have given into the common assumption that life is simply an exhausting business.

This book is intended to help you to deal effectively with the obstacles that life presents from time to time, challenges that can leave us feeling less than dynamic, yet also highlights the fact that you shouldn’t be afraid to aim high to enjoy optimum levels of vital energy.

Boosting your energy naturally, provides you with a practical scheme that you can adapt to bring your basic sense of vitality back on track as quickly, effectively and as easy as possible.

Don’t forget that healthy healthy energy levels are balanced energy levels, in other words, you should have plenty of vitality to meet the demands., without moving into a state of hyper energy overdrive. If the latter occurs, although you may feel in the short term that you are being super productive, the odds are you will pay a high price in the health stakes later.

Operating on overdrive is not the way forward for long term health. Running in fifth gear all the time doesn’t make it easy for you to switch off and relax, and can cause all sought s of health problems, such as tension, headaches, migraines, digestive upsets and poor sleeping pattern.

What you should aim to achieve is a happy medium of a well balanced emotional, mental and physical vitality that gives you the freedom to work, play and relax as and when you choose. I the long run, your body will be very grateful, and only a well balanced diet will put you on the right track. The phrase, “you are what you eat” could not be more true.