What Are the Tricks on How to Tease a Guy? Do It This Way and He Will Always Enjoy It a Lot

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You find yourself going “ga-ga” over him but don’t want to be too obvious in your pursuit! These are simple but subtle ways in which to tease him to distraction and make him crazy over you.

Let your eyes do the talking

It is amazing how much you can convey just by a mere glance! Use those beautiful eyes of yours to send him messages that are tantalizing and seductive. In the first place make him notice you have a beautiful pair of “baby blues” or any other color for that matter, but doing them up expertly! Flutter your eyelashes at him and don’t be too shy to even give him a long, sexy wink!

Lean over and let him get a whiff of your perfume

If you are sitting close to him, all the better! You can subtly tease him by leaning over him for a second, making sure he inhales that musky, sexy and woman scent of you. A whiff of your lingering perfume will do things to his senses that don’t bear thinking about! Before you know it he’ll be hooked!

Wear sexy clothes and give him a glimpse of those curves

If you have the curves that will tantalize and tease him – then let him see them! Wear the type of clothes that will show off those curves and make him excited just to look at you. He will become aware of your beautiful body and if you highlight your assets, he is bound to respond.

Wear a mini skirt and show him those long legs

If you know he is a “leg man” then all you have to do is wear a teensy weensy mini skirt or a sexy pair of shorts to show off your beautiful tanned and long legs! The sight of your legs in fishnet stockings and high heels will tease him as much as the sight of you in seductive swimsuit.

A tantalizing glimpse of your cleavage and sexy lingerie

One of the easiest ways to tease a man is to give him a private and subtle “peep show”. This will not only excite him but he will know that you like him too. Kill two birds with one stone by letting him glimpse your sexy cleavage or a bit of lace!

Use seductive words and innuendoes

Words are very powerful and soft spoken whispers can turn a guy crazy! Use the right words and innuendoes to let him know that you find him incredibly sexy and attractive. Match your words with actions and you will have succeeded in teasing him like mad!

Play flirtatious games

If you haven’t yet learnt how to flirt with your man, then you better start now! Playing flirtations little games will make crazy for you. Learn how to tease him by playing games like strip poker etc that will do the trick in no time at all! Be close to him at one point and distant the next!