How Do You Know When a Man Is Going to Propose? Learn How to Know It Before It Happens

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Men start to give out certain signals when they are getting ready to propose. Here are the signs that you should be looking out for which suggest that he is going to propose to you soon.

He will enquire about your future plans

He suddenly gets interested in your future plans. He will talk about the both of you in the greater scheme of things and will compel you to think of the relationship while making your long term plans. If he is doing any such thing then he is going to propose very soon.

He will try to merge your plans with his

When your man tries to accommodate your short term and long term plans with his and starts to make space for you in his current and future life then he is getting serious about the relationship and is going to propose soon.

The talk of marriage or commitment will not be painful anymore

The once commitment phobic guy who refused to talk of marriage is now willing to speak of it without making fun of it. If he is willing to talk of commitment and has become an advocate of how people should commit eventually then don’t be surprised to get proposed to.

He will be working hard to fast track his career

When you see your man suddenly working extra hard and putting his career on the fast track then you need to know that he is doing so because he wants to accomplish all that he needs to before he settles down.

He will take you around apartment hunting

If all of a sudden your man wants to spend a Sunday just looking around apartments and houses in and around town then he is planning on settling down with you. He is making sure that he gets the right place when you both get married to start your life together.

He will make you feel really special

You suddenly feel that your man is making you feel special all the time. He will keep telling you how much you mean to him and the value that you bring t his life. He is just trying to show you his real feelings and gauge how you too feel about him before he makes the final move.

You will catch him running through your jewelry

If you see your man is rummaging through your jewelry and has no potent explanation to offer on getting caught then he could be looking for a ring to get your ring size. A proposal is on its way for you in this case.