Is a Guy Attached to You When He Misses You and Calls You Sweet Names? Read This Right Now

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Do you think the guy is attached when he misses you and calls you sweet names? The first thing is do not be fooled by the fact that he is in love with you just because he calls you by endearing names. You need to find out-

Does the guy belong to the same town?

This is a million dollar question to open your eyes. If he is in the same town then how come he does not meet you? And then if he comes up with excuses of having missed you and calls you by all the sweet names is that a sign of attachment?

Does he contact you regularly?

Does your guy contact you frequently? Or is it only when he remembers you and then thinks he can make excuses and get away with it simply by calling you sweet names? Would he be attached?

Does he answer your calls?

If you happen to call does he answer you and speak with you at length or does he make excuses of being busy at the moment and says he will call you later? And then does he call you back later or just forgets? If he is genuinely attached would he forget to call?

How often does he organize an outing?

Are the gaps between dates long and far spaced or are they frequent and when you both have the time? If he was really attached then he would not let days go by without attempting to meet you. Where is his attachment?

Does he discuss important issues?

Even though he cannot meet you often, does he make it a point to discuss important issues with you even though it may be only over the phone? If he was really attached to you then he’d consider it necessary to discuss important issues with you.

Does he always call you by sweet names?

Is it his habit to call you by sweet names at all times or do you think it is just a trick to show you how much he misses you? If he is attached then there would be other ways of letting you know it than just the sweet names.

Does he feign love to you?

When in person does he ever express his love and how much he cares for you or is it only a means of molly coddling you so that you think he really loves you and has missed you over the days? You need to know the kind of person he is and whether there is sincerity in him or pretence only.