7 Little Tricks to Make Your Man Crazy for You! Know This If You Always Want to Keep Him Hooked

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You want your man to be crazy for you and you’re wondering what and why you should do this. But every relationship needs a little pep now and again to keep it at a high and not stagnate. So try some of these tricks and see how you can make him crazy for you.

Astound him with your dress sense

Adorn a different style of outfit each time he meets you. Take him by surprise and astound him when he sees you dressed in something different from the style you had last worn. Keep him guessing as to what you are likely to wear when he meets you next.

Amaze him each time

Every time he meets you let him be amazed that you are the same person. Let your get up be styled differently every time. Let it be sedate sometimes and let it be flashy at other times. Your make up could be simple while the accessories heavy or sometimes keep the accessories light too.

Maintain an air of mysteriousness

It is important to maintain an air of mysteriousness about you. Do not tell him everything he needs to know about your hobbies and interests, or intellectual abilities or sports or whatever. Let him keep discovering things about you each time he interacts with you.

Decline certain dates

Don’t make yourself available for every date he invites you to. Or he will get the impression you’re waiting for him anxiously every time to go out on a date. Let him know that you are busy with other outings and dates as well.

Let him keep guessing if he’s the only one

When he sees you out with others that will make him wonder if he has a chance with you or is there someone else in your life. Keep him guessing about who you are interested in and that will make him more crazy for you and bring up the competitive spirit of craving after you.

Plan a dinner evening at your place

Try reciprocating his invitation sometime. Plan dinner at your place. Show him your culinary art by preparing something exotic that he may have never dreamt you could make. This will make him wonder at you and drive him crazy for you.

Let him see the intellectual side of you

Be sure to let him know that you also are an intellectual person and are as intelligent as you are wise. He will be amazed at this stunning side of your personality and make him crazier than ever for you seeing this serious side of your personality.