How to Make Love to Him in a Way That He Will Never Forget? Here Are the Tips You Need to Know

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Imagination and creativity are keys to setting the stage if you want to make love to him in a way that he will never forget. So indulge in the few tips given here.

Abandon your subjugation

Till now the man has always directed the love making as he has wanted. It’s high time you had it your way and brought in change. Men tire of the same dull way and look for change every time. So abandon your subjugation and adopt the director’s role for a change.

Take the lead

Take the lead and be the aggressive one. Be the one who leads him on and gets him to do things the way you want. This new role of making love to him will make him remember it always as men easily get bored and always look for change.

Change the style

He has always been the one to pin you down. But with you now taking the lead and the control, you should change the style. It is your turn to pin him down and do all the erotic things the way you want to have it done. You’ll blow his mind off with this the change.

Keep up his sexual desire

Find ways of keeping up his sexual desire so that he will not forget the ways in which you have been making love to him. Trying different positions and styles add to a man’s excitement as he feels he has a new woman with him each time he has sex.

Pick a new place every time

Choose a new place every time you want to have sex. Surprise him in the bath or over a late night show. Try changing the dinner into a love making situation. Take advantage of every new situation so each experience becomes exciting.

Use fantasy

Fantasizing is one of his favorite excitements. He loves to feel he is bedding a certain woman who cannot be his in real life. So go ahead and ask him one night who he fancies and enact her and talk of her and all the erotic things she also would love to do to him.

Make him your hero

See how elated he feels when you make him out to be your hero. Grab and tear at him wildly as though you cannot wait to have him do all the things you know he can do. Let him feel you are pleading for all the wonderful things he does and make love to him in a way he will never forget.