How to Drive a Man Crazy for You by Ignoring Him – 7 Tricks Which Will Show You How It’s Done

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Sometimes it becomes necessary to ignore a man to drive him crazy about you. Often men take you for granted and call only when they want or meet you when they are keen to go out. So everything revolves round their preferences.

Ignore his calls

Whenever he calls and no matter how much you have wanted to hear his voice or speak with him, ignore the call. After a number of calls you can tell him you were not able to answer for some reason or the other which he’d realize is an excuse.

Let him know you’re busy

When you do answer his call after a number of times then mention to him that you are busy and that you are not free whenever he is free to call you. Let it sound specific so that he has a chance to ask what would be the best time to call you.

Take up some new hobby

Do not lose time in taking up some hobby that you had long wanted to pursue. Take up one that your guy too had been interested to pursue. There will be an element of envy and also admiration that you have been able to take up the same hobby.

Ignore his presence

If he’s around in the group where you are, show your intention of ignoring him. He is sure to direct conversation towards you but without making it obvious, turn your head to acknowledge someone else’s presence. The message will be clear.

You’re out on another date

When he asks you to go out with him let him know that you have to decline as you will be going out with someone else whom you have met recently. This will drive his crazy to no extent when he realizes that you are ignoring him.

Show him that you’re enjoying life

Men have the wrong notion that women cannot have fun or enjoy life without them. Show him that he is wrong and that you’re so preoccupied with all your new activities and friends that you get no spare time to do certain other things you used to earlier.

Surprise him at a common date

If your guy and someone else have both asked you to go swimming, decline your guy’s invitation. But do find out if your guy will be there. See the surprise on his face when he sees you with someone else at the same place while you declined him. This kind of ignoring will definitely drive him crazy about you.