Why Do Men Never Call Back After They Say They Will? This Is Why He Doesn’t Want To Call You Back

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He’s not going to call you back, that’s for sure, but why? You see, there are a few key reasons why a man would never call you back, EVEN if he said he would. This is what every woman needs to know:

To Avoid An Argument Or Hurt Feelings, Men Will Tell You What You Want To Hear

Guys will tell you that they are going to call you back, because that’s what they think women want to hear….and to be honest, it’s probably what most people want to hear. After all, the ONE thing you want, is for him to call you back, right?

He knows it, so he will say he is going to call you back…so that you don’t feel hurt, or don’t question him. See, if he was to tell you that he’s not interested, you would immediately try to fight it and find out why it is that he doesn’t like you. Men don’t want to be questioned or have to “explain” themselves, so they avoid it altogether by telling you what you want to hear.

He Won’t Call You Back If You Give Him The Idea That You Are Problematic

What would give him that idea? Well, for starters, if you come onto a guy too strong, he will get scared away, and think that perhaps you are too clingy or needy. Indicators that you are clingy or needy, include:

• Talking about your personal life and telling him all sorts of secrets right off the bat
• Asking him highly intimate and personal questions, when you just met
• Talking about how great it would be to date him, in the first conversation you have
• Etc…

Also, if you argue with him or get into a heated discussion early on, he will get the impression that you are too uptight or simply like drama. Another turn off to men, is when a woman gossips or complains too much, which gives him the idea that you may talk about him behind his back or that you will simply always talk about things that he thinks aren’t too interesting.

If You Want A Guy To Call You Back, You Have To Play Hard To Get

If you really want him to feel attracted to you and consider calling you back, you need to leverage on things. Instead of just spewing out as many facts and details about yourself as you can, keep some secrets, hint that there’s more to know, and hold things back.

Instead of begging him for his phone number, or handing out yours without him even asking, don’t talk about it at all. THIS is when he will be prompted to want to ask, because you aren’t pushing him into anything and aren’t trying to decide for him what he should do.

Also, instead of talking about how you want him to date you, or getting really deep into how much you like him; take things slow. Make him guess as to whether or not you like him, by not telling him, instead just be a bit flirtatious. This will always make a man want to know more about you, because he doesn’t immediately “get” you, thus he will feel like he has to figure you out.