Love Notes for Long Distance Relationships

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Love can be expressed in many different methods. One timeless way of expressing love is writing love notes. Writing notes, to be specific, a love letter is the classics among all the other ways of expressing one’s undying love. Several years ago, couples, who are far away from each other, can only connect through letters and love notes by sending it via post. By writing, you can express your love and longing for each other without hesitation.

Writing letters play a very important role in a long distance relationship. Love notes for long distance relationships are very effective since you don’t normally see each other compared to normal couples. As the years pass by, romantic love letters evolved into romantic fax to romantic emails. But for some people, there’ll be nothing better than the old and tested romantic love letters.

Long distance relationships are believed to not last and just fail. Yes, it’s hard to be in a long distance relationship and survive it yet, it is not impossible. The first important ingredient for a long distance relationship to be successful is communication. Relationship needs nurturing, especially the long distance one. Since couples in long distance relationships need more attention, writing love notes can give little compensation to someone far from their other half.

For those that are having trouble with writing, and is consuming time thinking of any ideas on what to write, here are some suggestions on how you can send love notes full of TLC fit for long distance relationships.

There are different kinds of notes that can surely make her feel special and so much loved. With the popularity of sending text messages because it’s fast and cheap, love notes can also be fast and cheap. Send her I love you in the form of SMS everyday to make her feel like you’re only a text message away. Don’t send her usual quotes which seem insincere. You can just tell her how you feel and it can surely make her feel admired for the rest of the day. If you are a person who is not really busy, instead of texting send her love notes via mail. Do it every day and she will surely adore you more. She will never feel lonely reading simple sweet notes from you.

What to write is another issue at hand. Here is a simple guide on how to write effective, sweet and romantic love notes for long distance relationships.

  1. Presentation – You have to present it simple, attractive or extravagant. Use scented or beautifully designed stationery to make it more presentable. Use black or brown ink, avoid using blue, red, yellow or green pens for it is harder to read and see.
  2. Sweet Music – Sweet music can make the ambiance romantic, hence it can make you think of good and romantic things to write. Dim light can stimulate your mood to easily pour your heart out.
  3. The Date – Always remember to put a date for this letter can be a very good keepsake in the history of your relationship.
  4. Start with a Greeting – Use your partner’s first name in addressing her and use an endearing salutation to make the letter more romantic. You can also use pet names or his/her full name depending on the drama.
  5. Let Your Emotion Flow – Don’t hesitate to express yourself. Be honest and sincere on what you really want to say.
  6. Believe it or not, truth and sincerity can be sensed even from letters.
  7. Seal it with Love – Be neat and never forget those three magic words.

Writing love notes for long distance relationships can patch miles no matter how far it is. Love has no boundaries.