She’s Moving In – How to Prepare For Living Together

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First, feel free to congratulate yourself from bravely overcoming the fear of rejection from your girlfriend, when you asked her to move in with you. Well, I hope that, that is the case. Because if it isn’t, then now would be the best time to slow things down and express your standing on this matter. She has the right to know. There is a possibility that living together might, or might not, strengthen your relationship with your girlfriend. It is best that this action is maturely decided and agreed upon by the both of you.

At this point where you have already thought of this well through, it’s time now to think about some of the things you have to consider. Now that you are about to share one roof and one bed with her, your life is set to change big time.

Here are some of the things you need to prepare yourself from:

* Finances. You and your girlfriend need to decide how to split the finances inside the house. Who should pay what? Rent, mortgage, bills, expenses and the likes. The difference in the amount of income is also a factor that needs to be taken into consideration. Both of you should understand how much each can afford to spend so that neither of you would end up paying for everything. Unless, one of you decides to shoulder everything.

* Chores. Now that you’re living together, you can’t expect to keep the same routine you had. You and your girlfriend now share the bathroom. Girls are likely to stay in the shower longer. Start considering her daily schedules as if it’s your own. It is safe to assume as well that you will have to do the dishes or laundry not just once in awhile.

* Furniture arrangement. Get ready to throw some of your things out. Your girlfriend might want to bring some of her furniture over and that means yours are going out. Decide with her which among both of your equipments and stuffs are up for a toss. She might be inclined to redo the arrangement of the furniture every now and then. So, if you’re into furniture arrangement as well, ask for a little heads up.

* Visitors. If your apartment is the place where your buddies usually hangout, then better prepare for a new arrangement to come. This doesn’t mean that your friends are already off limits from your place. But expect to hear some comments from your girlfriend if they are still regulars in the house. Apart from this, she could also be inviting some of her friends over. This is where planning ahead comes in favorably.

* Space. Better start setting up space for her. Space in the closet for her clothes, in the living room for her flower vases, in the kitchen for her cooking utensils and even in the library for her work stuffs. This space becomes significantly important when conflicts or arguments -which cannot be avoided- arise. Each of you must have their own sanctuary in the house to cool things off.

* Bareness. Expect to see each other at your worst. If you have always been delighted to see her all dressed-up for you, it’s changing now. Your girlfriend walking around with a messy hair and a morning breath will become a natural sunrise view. You are about to get a glimpse of her while she’s seriously clipping her toenails or mindlessly cleaning her nose. Even habits, good or bad will come into picture. This nakedness on both of your ends will test and prove how this living together will change your relationship.