Identifying a Toxic Relationship

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Some people are downright abusive. They do not know it but they have used words that sink in to us that we are nothing but useless beings. These words should not be used inside a relationship and if it does, then there is something wrong with your relationship.

It is not easy to walk out on a relationship in which you have invested so much time and emotions over. You cannot just walk out the door and say everything is done at one go. It will still come back simply because you love your partner.

But, the best thing to do right now is to identify that you are inside a toxic relationship. A relationship that does not have any finish line or an end. You are trapped inside a place where you are used and abused.

Toxic relationships are usually one-sided meaning they only pertain to one person. They usually do not give any care for the person whether they are hurt or not. Identifying that you are inside this kind of a relationship gives you the power to walk out.

Most relationships have hit some bumps and it is in those trying times that you can prove to yourself and to your partner that you truly love each other. But for toxic relationships, it’s every man for himself. Then if it comes to that, it is time to leave.

Do not try to compromise. There should be no negotiations or talks about getting back because he thought it was a mistake. When something happens, if you are abused, chances are, you will be abused again if you come back to that relationship.

Do not try to communicate with his friends to put some sense into him because it will only make matters worse. If you can, avoid them as much as possible.

But, do this in a way that it will not offend them. Explain to them that their friend has become a stranger to you and that their friend is not the person you have met and fallen in love with. This will make your life easier by going out and setting the record straight.