How to Impress a Guy Who’s Not Interested in You at All? Make Him Change His Mind About You

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If the fact that he did not bother to give you a second look really rankles, then you should know better than to take it to heart. It is easy to make him sit up and take notice of you if you know what to do! Here are some excellent tips that will help you to impress the guy who doesn’t look like he is interested at all!

Don’t be in denial about your faults

Are you sure that there isn’t something about you that put him off? Give yourself a good once-over and don’t be blind to your faults. If you are not attractive enough to impress him, he is not at fault for passing you over. Get moving in the right direction and look gorgeous enough to attract any man for a start!

Look exceptionally gorgeous and irresistible

If you have to invest in a new line of clothing and a new style to boot, then do it! It won’t hurt to get the advice of an expert – you should looking stunning enough to stop him dead in his tracks! In fact he should believe that you are somebody new! Once you look fabulous it is easy to get more confidence.

Don’t take his disinterest for granted

There could be many reasons for his disinterest. One of them could be that he was only pretending he did not find you attractive enough. All you have to do is plant your new gorgeous self in his path and see if you get the same kind of reaction. You could be friendly and just say hi!

Find out what he likes

If you know who he is and have a few mutual friends, it should be easy for you to find out what he likes. If you come to know what interests him, you should go out of your way to do things that are in line with what he loves! Dress in a style that turns him crazy, brush up on the sports that he loves and impress him with your new found knowledge.

Try to move in the same circles and stun him

If you socialize and belong to the same friend’s circle it will be easier for you to impress him. All you have to do is look like a million dollars and plant yourself wherever he is. The best way to get his attention is not to pay him any! Ignore his interest and give other men your attention. He will soon be around you.

Ignore his curiosity

Don’t let on that you like him. Let him become curious about you. The moment you ignore him and show him that you are not interested in him, he will make an about turn and show interest in you. This is when you should ignore his curiosity and pretend that you don’t care if he is around or not.

Look too busy to bother about him

Make sure that you are busy having a great time. It is important that he gets the message that his disinterest does not bother you a single bit! It would be a big blow to his ego to see that you don’t care if he is interested or not. This type of attitude will instead make him more interested in you.