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Signs your Marriage Is In Trouble

Are you worried about your marriage? Is it becoming difficult to be with your spouse and not fight? Marriage is not easy, it is tough, and to make it work requires resiliency and fortitude. That being said, there are some circumstances that can’t be overcome. Marriages fail, we see it every day and we are aware of the crazy statistics that suggest more than half of all marriages will end in failure.

Here are the common signs to watch for to see if your marriage is in trouble.

Signs Marriage Is In trouble:

1. One of the keys to marriage is communication and to that end, if there is a breakdown in communication between you and your spouse then your marriage is taking a blow. Many small arguments create extended periods of no communication and that usually only exacerbates the problem.

2. An increase in the severity of your fights. Your fights are bigger, longer and more frequent. If your marriage is becoming one of arguing and fighting, where do you find time for love and fun? Again, these are just more signs marriage is in trouble.

3. Obviously, if you and or your spouse go to someone else for support and a shoulder to cry on, then you’re taking a major step in shutting down the marriage. If your problems get to the point where the two of you (marriage is a union of 2 people) can’t work things out and someone else comes into the picture then it may be time to get legal counsel…Three is a crowd.

I always like to say, that if you find your marriage to be one of constant arguing and constant fighting then you need to evaluate why you are married to this person. If you can’t communicate enough with your spouse and you can’t even stand being with your spouse than you need help if you are to “save your marriage?”

Troubles in a marriage, almost always lead to a failed marriage. Look out for the warning signs marriage in trouble and take action to change things before your marriage becomes a failure. Once your marriage fails, it is almost impossible to reconcile. If you feel your problems need to be addressed now, and you want to learn some strategies on how to deal with your marriage problems than take a few minutes and review this amazing resource. If your marriage was meant to work, using these strategies will help see if that was so.

Laura is a relationship councilor who has devoted much of her time to helping clients develop skills and strategies to find love in their marriage. Every Marriage Has Trouble and All marriages should use The Strategies She Promotes to Help Resolve Your Marriage Troubles.