Is He Falling for Me? Sure Fire Psychological Ways You Can Use to Know for Sure Instantly

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Men are not as expressive as women when it comes to their feelings – especially if it’s the romantic ones that are involved. Figuring out whether a guy is falling in love can be one big guessing game for a woman. Without some slight, under-the-radar investigation of some sort, a number of women would never know if their man has fallen for them or not.

So here are a few psychological tests to see is he’s falling for you.

1. The Hot and Cold

Otherwise known as ‘play hard to get’. Be unavailable for a short time, and see how he reacts. If he tries his best to pursue you and get you to spend time with him, it’s a sign that he has developed deeper feelings for you. If he doesn’t seem to mind that you’re not together, then you might have to re-evaluate.

2. The Planned Pick-Up

For this test, you will need an accomplice. Get one of your most trusted friends to hit on him and observe how he acts in the situation. If he spurns her advances, he can be a keeper. If he returns the favor, then he’s not as into the relationship as he seems to be.

3. The Other Girl

Another psychological test to see if he’s falling for you is to compliment another girl when you’re together. One sign that he is invested in your relationship at some emotional level is if he doesn’t seem to notice other women like he did before you got together. If he does nothing more than give a passing glance to the girl and quickly reverts his attention to you, you’re in a good place because it means he’s falling for you.

4. The Step Back

It’s easier to understand men through their actions than their words. He’ll probably reveal his feelings towards you in that manner as well. So take a step back and watch him act towards you. This is a good initial effort before sitting down and discussing the state of your relationship. The relationship-talk is something most men work hard to avoid.

5. The Self-Invite

Oh, he’s family’s having Friday night dinner? Subtly manage to invite yourself. If he doesn’t seem to dread the prospect of introducing you to his family, it’s a sign that he’s falling for you. The same goes for his friends. His willingness for you to meet the people who are special to him usually means that he wants you in his life for quite some time.

6. The Eye Spy

That song about not being able to take your eyes off someone you love has truth to it. Do you catch him staring at you when he thinks you’re not looking? Does it happen often? If yes, then he’s probably in it for the long haul.

7. The Jealousy Card

The last psychological test to see if he’s falling for you is something delicate and should be handled with care. Making him jealous might get you the reaction you wanted, but it can also backfire. Guys, in general, do not appreciate mind games so if you do try to pull off one, then you best not be caught.