How to Show Your Crush You Like Him? Here Is the Format You Need to Follow to Be Successful

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Picture this scenario: You are interested in someone, but you’re not sure if he likes you back. It shouldn’t be hard to come up that image. Everyone’s probably been there. When you’ve developed a crush on someone, it’s natural to wonder whether things can progress or not. But how can it move forward if your crush doesn’t know you like him? What if he’s just waiting for a sign that he has a shot-just like you are?

So ladies, be proactive. These are some tips on how to show your crush you like him.

1. Eye Contact

Establish eye contact with him, but don’t stare. Just hold his glance a few beats more than you normally would. Those extra seconds can make him think that you’re interested in him. There’s also something about a girl who is able to give her utmost attention to a guy that can drive a man crazy.

2. Smile

Nothing says, “I like you” better than a smile. If he happens to pass your way and catches your eye, give him a nod and a small smile. This will let him know you’re singling him out. And who knows? He might smile back.

3. Pay Attention

To show your crush you like him, you will need information. If you’re not friends with the guy, the best way to do this is to observe what he likes to do. But you have to do it subtly, of course – otherwise, he might freak out and treat you like a stalker. If you know the guy already, then it’s easy to get personal information. Just listen.

4. Be Funny

Guys appreciate girls with a sense of humor. However, being funny is something that cannot be forced. It comes naturally. Making your crush laugh is one way to let him know you like him.

5. Be Casual

Even if you really, really like him, and are convinced that you two belong together, you have to learn how to play it cool. Trying too hard is one of the biggest turn-offs for a guy. Bump into him in the hallway and strike an interesting conversation. Do this with the other tips on this page, and he’s surely get the idea that you’re interested.

6. Emphasize Similarities

Take advantage of the things you have in common. It will make you more interesting in his eyes if you share some aspects in your lives. These are also great conversation starters. You will get to spend more time with him talking about these things, and the more you’re in his presence, the better he’ll understand that you like him.

7. Tell Him

The direct approach is effective too, but is quite risky. For one thing, you risk scaring your guy away. For another, he just might not be as interested in you as you are with him. But still, it wouldn’t hurt to try.