Microsoft’s Surface Is Smooth

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Microsoft has revealed a tablet version of their Microsoft Surface brand. Their device is exactly 9.3mm thin with edges beveled at 22 degrees and working with Windows 8 plus having full touch interactivity. This device weighs 1.5 pounds, is made with a magnesium case, and has a PVD finish. Inside you’ll find Windows apps for music and movies. Plus, it has a full 10.6-inch display.

The first version of the tablet is rumored to be ARM-based windows RT variant at $599. You will have the power of NVIDIA’s Tegra chipset. It is supposed to be Wi-fi only. You will need to use a USB 4G solution to gain full mobile connectivity. Microsoft promises to follow this with a higher end version three months later for a rumored $799 price. It would make sense that this version will have a faster processor, more memory and possibly 4G built in. The Smooth Pro is supposed to have the Intel Ivy 22nm processor and Windows 8 Pro. This beefed up system will be thicker than the Windows RT version.

The Real Star…

Microsoft’s SmartCover is the real star of the show. At only 3 mm thin, it goes from protecting the tablet to becoming the keyboard. The keyboard is the number one complaint for other tablets. We like the thin form factor but dislike looking at the screen to see if we hit the right key. Or, worse yet, we just go for it and find a bunch of alien text on our screen that needs to be deleted. By having a haptic feedback keyboard of a large size, as large as the screen, we can let our fingers fly and type the way we want.

The Hidden Gem…

Something that many people have wanted for years is the ability to use your finger to navigate and then to use a digital pen to take notes. So far, OEM’s have cried that this was not possible since you need two different digitizers… one for thick fingers and one sensitive enough for thin pens. Microsoft was listening and decided to add two digitizers. That is right, you can now use your finger as normal. However, when you want to make notes or scribble your latest doodle, Surface will be able to distinguish between the two events and act accordingly. As software is refined, there is no reason that Microsoft cannot surpass Apple or other tablet makers by finally replacing the notebook with a tablet. You can now keep all of your information in one digital location.