The Courier’s Mindset – Attitudes You Should Develop

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Being a courier or a delivery driver looks easy enough from an outsider’s point of view: pick stuff up, deliver to the recipient, go home. But the job, like any other job, is not quite as simple as that. Dealing with irate customers, finding the most fuel-efficient routes, meeting deadlines despite gridlocked traffic – all these and more are things that a prospective delivery driver needs to deal with.

So what attitudes should they cultivate in the first place? Here are some of the more important ones to keep in mind.


This is arguably the most important attitude that a potential delivery driver needs to cultivate. Starting the rounds on time, making sure all deliveries are delivered on time, refuelling on time and ending the work day on time – all these are the basics that must be strictly adhered to. Being late is not a habit any successful work develops, especially if handling the more lucrative express runs where being exactly on time is of utmost importance.


Being able to plan appropriate routes is vital to shaving down overall expenses. This is why the delivery driver must keep his or her eyes open for any opportunity to cut down on costs. Everything from planning the day’s deliveries and back loads to making more left turns to save on fuel will add up over time, thus reducing expenses and increasing net income in the process.


A courier must have sharp eyes and an even sharper mind to find each delivery point. A GPS navigator may help pin down the general area of the destination, but the address itself will not always be obvious. Effective delivery drivers need to be able to quickly find those addresses in order to reduce the amount of time spent ambling about. These powers of observance will also help tell them if they are in a seedier neighbourhood and need to be doubly aware of their surroundings.


Being courteous and respectful of people is another key quality of a professional courier. It is important that delivery drivers do not lose their cool when they come up against an irritable customer or one who refuses to sign on the dotted line. Patience and the ability to communicate well with people will not only help make deliveries smoother but will also help a lot with building lasting ties with repeat customers.


Professional drivers need to learn how to live fit and healthy considering the nature of their work. They need to move about a lot, meet strict deadlines and interact with all sorts of people on a regular basis. A healthy driver will be able to better weather all these challenges without fail, but a one prone to illness will not fare as well. A single day of sickness could upset a delicate schedule, so it is best that delivery drivers live a healthy lifestyle.

Cultivate these attitudes and it will be so much easier to prosper as a full-time courier.