5 Useful Tips for Web Developers For Developing a Website

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A website design is the one main thing that attracts people to it, so when a business owner approaches a web designing company he wants something catchy and memorable for his customers. Creating a dynamic website is just not enough because it is important that he keeps himself up to date with the recent developments in website designing. Being a web developer is not easy because he has to face a number of challenges when thinking about new website ideas. Here are 5 tips that he can remember when coming up with a website:

1. Pages that load quickly – Your client’s visitors do not have all day to wait for the pages to load. What will you do when a fraction of your target segment has slow internet connection? So, as a web developer it is your duty to create websites that load quickly. If you avoid flash and other animation related applications, you can make the pages load faster.

2. Design and colors – Both the design of the website and the colors used to define it matters a lot when it comes to creating a website. Often clients will insist that you must use their official colors when you are making the website. These colors are the best way to identify your client and his business, so make sure you use them intelligently and uniquely. The choice of colors will portray the character of the website you are creating, that is why your clients are so persistent about what colors they want in their website.

3. The right amount of special effects – Manipulate the availability of special effects to create websites that are stunning and visually appealing. When you create special effects that have a direct relation with your client’s line of business, you are going to earn the approval of many people. For example, if you are a company dealing with inverters and UPS, you can create a webpage with a huge house in it. As soon as the mouse moves over each room in the house, it will automatically light up.

4. Easy to navigate – Whether you are creating a small page or a huge one with lots of inner pages, you must make sure that it is easy to navigate. People will just not visit a website that is difficult to open and load. Since they have a number of options, they will just move on to another site offering similar benefits. Several websites have their navigation buttons at the top or on the left side of the page; it is still the best option. When people want information, they prefer to visit websites that are easy to search. Nobody wants to spend more than 5 minutes searching for information.

5. Search engine friendly website – Those websites that can be easily indexed by search engines are termed search engine friendly websites. They have good graphics, quality content, strategic positioning of audio and video files and dynamic colors. Finally, you have to add tags that have relevant keywords because it is the meta description and the tag that attracts visitors. The tags should define your client’s business simply and logically.

Apart from having a top class website, you must also have good content to accompany the website. Using SEO rich content will always attract more visitors to the website. The earlier method of keyword stuffing has been removed and Google has adopted another method of indexing the web pages. It is called Google Panda and it is a different method in which Google uses a different set of algorithms. Keywords are also used intelligently, no more haphazard placement of keywords or stuffing.