The Value Of CompTIA Certification

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Despite all of the issues that people are having with finding jobs, one of the growing areas of opportunity in the workplace is in computer and technical jobs. While getting a degree in computer science or a related field can take years, one way that people can quickly show or develop their technical acumen is by getting CompTIA certification. Certifications from CompTIA are recognized in the industry as proof of knowledge and training in a number of computer and technology based competencies.

Types of Certifications Available

CompTIA provides certification for a wide variety of computer and technology subjects. In addition to providing certifications for Windows systems and programs, CompTIA also provides certifications for Linux based operating systems and software. They also certify people who are experienced in dealing with networking, security, VOIP and multimedia support and even green technologies.

Additionally, they offer different levels of certification, including basic, specialty, professional and mastery ranks. Basic certification indicates that someone will do well in a computer and technology based company, and professional and mastery certifications indicate high levels of competency in advanced disciplines.

The reason that CompTIA certification is taken seriously in the business and computing world is due to the thoroughness of the tests that they administer for people to achieve certification. The majority of their tests are 100 questions or more and require in depth knowledge of the subject for people to pass.

Certification Training and Classes

Despite the fact that their certifications are rigorous, many people are able to successfully achieve certification by going through CompTIA’s training system. They offer both online and physical classroom courses, and their training system is geared to not only allow people to pass their certification tests but to also develop knowledge and skill of the subject matter. CompTIA certifications remain a benchmark for the technical industry because they train people to be able to succeed in a real world environment.

CompTIA also provides a wide range of online study materials and test exams to prepare students for taking the certification test. This ensures that students are ready for the exam and also understand the materials that are being presented to them.

Benefits of CompTIA Certifications

Even if someone is currently employed, ongoing education and certification can help them along their career path. For people looking to branch out or considering pursuing a career in the IT field, this is an excellent way for them to start. Since CompTIA offers different levels of training and certification, even relative novices can succeed.

Additionally, many schools and workplaces are in partnership with CompTIA. There are a number of universities that allow people to take CompTIA classes through the school and receive college credit for their completing their coursework. Many schools also provide discount vouchers for certification exams to students who pass these classes. There are also a number of employers that will pay for their employees to take and pass certification exams. This improves the overall expertise of a workplace while also allowing employees to move into higher paying positions within the company.