Getting to Know the Popular Smartphone Brands

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People nowadays prefer their mobile phones to be the latest and most updated of the bunch. That is why you see the emergence of newer and sleeker phones being carried around by people. BlackBerry, HTC, iPhone, Nokia and Samsung are just some of the brands that people are going gaga over. Gone are the days when mobile phones are only for receiving and making calls because now, playing music, watching a movie, taking a picture and playing games are just some of the added features that it has. So, who buys smartphones? It is not just the blue-collared office worker that companies are targeting to purchase their products but everyone as it has become a necessity in today’s modern life.

Let’s talk about some of the more popular brands of smartphones that are currently available on the market. The most popular among the bunch is of course the iPhone, which is manufactured by Apple. This brand is touted to have started it all for smartphones. It has become the trendsetter when it comes to phone features and functionality and applications. Having a solid fan base for its computers, Apple did not have any problems at all when it introduced the very first version of the iPhone some years ago. The latest model, which is the iPhone 4S, is still so popular among the crowd that people lined up at the stores where it would be available early on in order to have first dibs on this newest model. This smartphone’s most popular feature might as well be Siri, which has become everyone’s phone assistant. Of course, there are tons of applications that you can download from the App Store depending on what you need, be it games, photography or productivity software.

Another brand that is challenging Apple’s position of being number one in the market is Samsung. This Korean brand came in a bit late in developing its line of smartphones. However, this did not deter them as its products are starting to challenge the iPhone. It has established itself as a solid smartphone brand with the release of the Galaxy S series. Their phones are thin, lightweight, and have a huge screen that has high definition capabilities making watching and recording HD videos possible. Their processors are so powerful that some people call them mini-computers in the body of a mobile phone. Aside from the Koreans who buy smartphones manufactured by Samsung, many Asians, and now, even Americans, are starting to consider Samsung phones.

For the working class, Blackberry phones have long been a favorite because of their features. The Blackberry software has enabled this phone to become a workhorse that could keep up with the demands of a mobile office worker. It could send and receive email and sync it without any problems with your office laptop including contacts, and appointments in your calendar.

If you decide to switch phones, you would not have any problems when you have any of these brands. There are people who are willing to snap up deals from people who sell broken smartphones of these brands and it’s even better if the phone is in good working condition. Smartphones have become a commodity that people cannot live without nowadays.