Is Microsoft’s Surface Tablet Worth Trading the iPad?

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The tablet PC wars are now getting serious. Before, it was a war between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android software. Obviously, it was the iPad against all other tablet PCs on the market. There were a few that stood out in the Android-based tablets front, such as Samsung and Asus. You can say that Microsoft has been a bit late in its foray into the tablet PC market.

Microsoft took its sweet time in introducing its own product that would cater to the tablet PC market. They promise that their product will be the one that will challenge the dominance of iPad. They claim that this is the one product that will make people sell iPad and shift to theirs.

The product is named Microsoft Surface Tablet. This was introduced during a media briefing held over at Los Angeles California. Of course, present during this keynote address June 18, 2012 was the CEO of Microsoft, Mr. Steve Ballmer. The Surface Tablet was unveiled on stage at the Milk Studios and present were all the key people from Microsoft who shared in the development of their newest product.

As stated, their tablet PC is called the Microsoft Surface Tablet. It will have two variants: Surface Basic and Surface Pro. Their product will completely run on Microsoft developed software based on their newest version, Windows 8. This is definitely something to look forward to as they really built up the hype for Windows 8. Also, this will give another option for the users as far as which platform to choose for their tablet PC.

The Surface Basic will run on Windows RT, software they developed especially for tablet PC’s use. This is still based on their Windows 8 software, however. They claim that it uses less power compared to the full version to help prolong the battery life of the tablet while running on an ARM chipset. It is 9mm thick and weighs 1.5 pounds with a 10.6-inch ClearType HD display and will be available with 32GB and 64GB options for internal disk storage.

The other variant called the Surface Pro will run on a full Windows 8 operating system over 22nm Ivy Bridge Processors. For the form factor, it is a bit thicker and heavier at 13.5mm and 1.9 pounds respectively. However, despite the added weight and thickness, it is still easy to bring along everywhere. It still measures 10.6 inches, however, it will have a ClearType “Full HD” display instead. Given these specs, it might be able to convince people to sell iPad in favor of this one.

But even with the keynote and launch of the product, there are still some items about the Surface Tablet that Microsoft has not been clear about yet. First is its availability. They have yet to state exactly when the product will be available for purchase. All they said was that the Basic version would be available when Windows 8 would be available for commercial release and the Pro version would be 3 months after. Also, they have yet to divulge how much these babies will cost. For sure though, the price will be very competitive when put head to head with the iPad. Until Microsoft is able to answer these questions, then people will have to hold off on their option to sell iPad online.