Reviewing Romania Offshore Development Companies

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Numerous individuals and businesses in need of software developers are looking for talent and expertise across the globe. The internet has clearly made the world a small village that can interact and transact business as it pleases. Even though offshore developers are very many on the internet, there must be a reason why Romania offshore development companies are very popular today. This review article will help you decide if you want to hire these developers.

About Romania

Romania is a nation found in Eastern Europe, between Ukraine and Bulgaria. It is surrounded by other countries like Czech Republic, Austria, and Serbia among others. Romania is among the Eastern Europe countries that are giving more preference to the Information Technology (IT), Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and mobile communications industries. Software development outsourcing, in particular, is among the public sectors that have been doing great since 2006. Roman’s capital, Bucharest, boasts several offshore and nearshore software development facilities. They work for both companies and individuals found in Europe and very far away.

About Romania Offshore development Companies

As mentioned above, many companies offer offshore and nearshore services. Nearshore services are offered to the neighboring customers while offshore services are provided to long distance customers. Among the reasons why Romania’s offshore services stand out is the fact that they aren’t expensive. The companies themselves enjoy a very conducive business environment that enables them to incur lower labor costs than the neighboring EU countries. Since year 2005, the countrymen have been enjoying a flat rate of sixteen percent for personal and business incomes. However, all professionals in the IT and ICT Industries benefit from a tax exemption.

Many developers who had migrated to other countries in search of better rates have now come back to take advantage of zero taxation. This guarantees that there are indeed countless qualified and experienced developers that can be hired. As a result of incurring the lowest fiscal burdens, in the EU region, Romanian software developers pass the same low cost benefit to their esteemed global customers. If you are a native English language speaker, your desire could be to outsource your software development jobs to a person who has the same level of excellence. According to many reviewers on the web, Romania is among the offshore destinations that possess millions of native English speakers.

Furthermore, the programmers in this country are known to be multilingual. Some of them can speak English in addition to French, German, Spanish and Italian languages. The fact that many international companies in the electronics and computer industries have established subsidiaries in Romania confirms further that it can be trusted. The level of education possessed by this region’s programmers is gradually being recognized worldwide. Statistics show that about 9 % of the country’s population has university education, and twenty percent of total graduates have a major in science and technology.

Romania’s internet connectivity also puts it at the forefront when it comes to offshore outsourcing. Cheap, quick and almost evenly distributed broadband internet connectivity makes software development outsourcing easy and fruitful. There is a possibility that you will not encounter a serious time zone problem with this country’s developers. Although the level of corruption is slightly high, it has not been found to affect software outsourcing directly. You must, all the same, be careful when selecting the best offshore developers. Having told you a lot about Romania’s programmers, the decision to use or not to use them is purely yours.