Is the Lexmark E260 Printer and Toner Reliable in a Fast-Paced Workplace?

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Choosing a printer for your business is an important decision. The printer is one of the most frequently used items in an office environment and therefore cost, performance and energy saving aspects are essential to evaluate. There are many printers out there competing against each other to be the best for office use. Some are aimed at very small businesses and others at the larger faster-paced office.

The Lexmark E260 is a laser printer and claims to be a desktop printer which means it is much less bulky than many conventional office printers. It offers a 35 page per minute printout rate which is around average for a small office printer, however this printer comes at a much lower price than some of its competitors.

35 pages per minute is arguably a little slow for a fast paced business but as printing Is the machines only function it can be appropriate for a small busy office. The Lexmark E260 is durable for an office environment. Its monthly duty cycle can be up to 50,000 pages which is a large number for a lot of offices.

This printer is also ultra-quiet and a second paper drawer can be added for higher volume usage. This makes it a somewhat flexible choice for a business. The Lexmark E260 does not skimp on quality. It prints at a maximum resolution of 1200 x 1200 dots per inch. This is a high enough quality for intricate graphics and fine text.

This particular printer is monochrome and therefore ideal for money saving work environments where mostly text documents are needed. The toner for this printer outputs a 30,000 page yield, a decent amount for an office printer although if the printer is being used at maximum capacity this technically means that a replacement is needed at least once a month.

A positive aspect of the toner for this printer is its recycle policy. It is possible for Lexmark customers to return their used cartridges and for them to be recycled free of charge. This is helpful for the environment and at no extra cost for the business. The toner has a shelf life of 2 years and comes in black.

As far as a desktop printer goes, the Lexmark E260 is a high performer. It is small in size, produces a decent output and is simple to use. However a busy office may find it slightly too slow and durable. In terms of saving money on price however it is hard to beat.