So you want to work as a bike courier?

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Why would you want to be a bicycle courier? You’ve seen Premium Rush (or its 80s predecessor, Quicksilver), it looks cool, the hours are good, and you get to train for that triathlon you’ve got your eye on. Sounds like a win-win deal, right? And you’re probably right.
Coolest Job Ever

Being a bicycle courier (or messenger) is one of those great, unusual jobs that provide a valuable service, particularly in large cities where traffic and transportation can be an obstacle to speedy delivery of time-sensitive documents and the like. Plus, you look rather cool doing it! Just imagine, while everyone is caught up in the traffic jam or packed like sardines in the subways or buses, a bike messenger is not deterred by any of that – easily weaving in, out and between unmoving vehicles stuck in traffic. And while the digital age has somewhat displaced the need for bike couriers to deliver paper mail and other hard-copy documents, cyclists are still necessary, particularly for people who must receive items such as legal documents.

So what do you need to consider to become a bike courier? Here are a few things you need to know to see if it’s the right job for you.

The Bike

No, not just any bike will do. In any job you take, you’re only as good as your equipment, and for this job, having the right bike is important. Be prepared to spend a bit of money for the right one and, if possible, you’ll need to learn to fix your own bicycle.

The Location

Where are you now? A bike messenger is practical in cities where the population is fairly dense and the business establishments are, of course, within practical distance. In a cowboy town where you only have ranchers and farms miles and miles apart, you’re better off being a truck driver.

Where Are You Working and What Are The Benefits?

Accidents are a possibility when you’re working on a bicycle, so you need to make sure you are insured, or manage to land a job in a messengerial service that offers health benefits. Freelance messengers, however, are rarely covered, so you will need to be extra careful, and if possible, be able to get coverage for yourself. Otherwise, you will need to find a very good lawyer in case of an accident!

Are You Conscientious Enough?

Unlike the typical office job where you get paid even if you’re just playing games on the computer or hanging around the water cooler all day (at least until they fire you), a bike delivery rider is paid per delivery. If you don’t get the job done, you don’t get paid. Simple as that.

Still want to do this job? Good choice! It’s fun, exciting and definitely has health benefits. What’s more, you’ll be helping the environment.