Questions to Consider When Choosing a Medical Transcription Service

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Most physicians now rely on medical transcription service providers that can reduce their documentation workload and provide them more time to focus on their patient care related activities. While there are several professional medical transcription companies offering service, certain points must be kept in mind when choosing your transcription outsourcing partner. Reliable firms can provide an effective back end support for your practice. Asking certain relevant questions can help you choose the ideal medical transcription service provider.

Questions to Ask While Hiring a Medical Transcription Company

How long have you been in business?

Ensure that your chosen firm has the relevant experience and capability to meet your specific transcription requirements. An experienced company can offer quick and customized turnaround time and accurate transcripts. Comparing the services offered by various transcription firms and checking their client testimonials can help you find a trustworthy partner. Reliable companies will provide transcription service for all major medical specialties, whether cardiology, neurology, dentistry or any other.

Is your staff knowledgeable in medical terminology?

Make sure that the company provides the services of expert professionals who can ensure accurate transcripts. Established companies have a pool of professionals including medical transcriptionists, proofreaders and editors, knowledgeable in the medical terminology and medical procedures pertaining to various medical specialties.

How secure is my patient data with you?

Patient information is sensitive and requires safe handling. Most reliable firms are HIPAA compliant. They follow foolproof security measures to ensure data confidentiality and security such as servers provided with firewall protection, password protected computers, daily updated anti-virus software, 256 bit encryption for secure file transfer and more.

How do you ensure quality?

Make sure that the company provides high quality results. Quality assurance process at leading medical transcription companies includes three level quality checks to provide 99% accuracy.

How much work can you handle?

It is crucial to make sure that the chosen service provider can handle any volume of work. They should have the required manpower and technologies to complete the work on time. Reliable companies can efficiently work with high as well as low volume projects without any compromise in quality.

What are your dictation options?

Another thing to ensure is that the firm provides flexible dictation options – digital recorder or toll free number that can provide good quality recordings, which will help speed up the transcription process.

What is your pricing structure?

The charges for medical transcription outsourcing services vary from firm to firm. Ensure that your selected company provides affordable pricing. Reputable companies help their clients save 30 to 40 % on their total costs.

Selecting the right medical transcription service firm, based on these questions will streamline the workflow of your medical practice, increasing your productivity. You also benefit from happy patients who are satisfied with the dedicated services you provide.