Mother Of Pearl Caviar Spoon

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A caviar spoon is fashioned to hold a modest amount of caviar as the guest prepares a toast point or cracker to spoon it onto. The best utensils to accompany this delicacy should be made of Mother of Pearl, bone, natural horn, or glass, since metal utensils will modify the taste.

Why should you use the proper caviar spoon for serving caviar? If you have the means to purchase the top of the line roe, then you definitely should budget money for a utensil to serve it with. The serving spoon should be as tasteful as the rest of the fine food on the table.

The ambiance produced by offering caviar at an event, whether it be festive or to entertain a guest of honor, might be broken if you serve the pricey roe with a plastic-type spoon, so care should be taken to make sure that you purchase the appropriate serving utensil.

There are many choices of materials used in making caviar spoons to serve up your high-priced caviar. The material that is used in designing them is chosen for a distinct purpose, due to the fact that they are non-reactive materials, meaning that the delightful taste of your caviar will not be altered. Some materials, silver for example, react to the roe, supposedly varying the flavor, making it bitter or metallic tasting. Therefore, you need to prevent oxidation, and buy spoons made from horn, bone, glass, Mother of Pearl, gold, or gold-plated.

The caviar spoon is crafted from any of these materials using a specialized saw, also known as a fretsaw. Similar to a coping saw, it has the ability to carve elaborate and tight curves, creating a luxurious and rich utensil.

A caviar spoon can be from three to five inches in length, and has a small shallow bowl. The head of the spoon is oval or paddle shaped. It is tailored to hold a very small amount that can be transferred to a cracker or square of toast.

All-natural horn is very popular because of its attainability and price. This is also true of glass caviar spoons. Bone is considerably more challenging to find, and is a bit more high-priced.

The Mother of Pearl and gold caviar spoons are the most valuable, and the highest priced. Mother of Pearl is made from the inner layer of mollusk, or oyster shell. Featuring a naturally beautiful opalescent glow, the Mother of Pearl is well suited for a formal table setting, and is lovely on a serving tray. It is noted for its chemically inert qualities; therefore, it does not affect the flavor of the caviar. Mother of Pearl is undoubtedly the most classic serving spoon. It must be taken care of properly, and washed in warm soap and water to eliminate chipping.

Your caviar really should be prepared, presented, and served in a sophisticated style. The roe needs to be kept cold, so put it in a small glass bowl, which is in turn placed into in a larger bowl or tray filled with ice. It’s important to keep the caviar between 28 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Take it out of the refrigerator just minutes prior to serving, and it will be at the appropriate temperature.

When purchasing utensils to serve with, consider whether you will have one mutual utensil for everyone to make use of, or individual spoons. A communal serving spoon is not displeasing, because it is contacting only the roe, and the surface of the cracker or toast you are spooning it onto. A Mother of Pearl spoon to accompany your silver serving tray of ice and glass bowl of caviar, will afford a look that is not only gorgeous, but will encourage flattery from your guests over and over again as well.

Assuming that you are going to the trouble of serving this expensive mark of excellence, you seriously need to invest in a lovely caviar serving utensil. Various types and styles are offered on the Internet, and in connoisseur food stores. Do not forget to find a luxurious serving utensil for your high-class get together.

If you can afford to buy the caviar, you can afford to dress up the dinner table with an exquisite serving spoon. What a permanent impression it will leave with your company!