Where Do You Get Your Pizza?

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Pizza is a popular dish that is enjoyed by nearly every American at one time or another. Some families feast on it weekly, while others save it as a special treat for birthdays and other celebrations. Since it is not particularly expensive, many families opt to make it at home and customize it to their liking. No matter where you live, you can get your pizza from a few different types of places.

Pizzas can be purchased at your local grocery store. Some carry fresh ones that can be baked at home. Most carry frozen pizzas, and you may be surprised at how tasty these can be. If you are up for making your own pizza, you can purchase the necessary ingredients and head home to use your own oven.

Most people choose to get their pizzas from restaurants, but even these can vary quite a bit. Pizzerias vary dramatically, from the mom and pop shop to the gourmet pizzeria and just about everything in between. Family-owned pizzerias feature tried and true recipes that have been passed down for years from one family member to the next. It is highly likely that all the members of the family are working there on the weekends and that the pizzas taste like a slice of heaven. Gourmet pizzerias offer a little more “class” and upper-scale flare to their pies. Here you are likely to find unusual ingredients and a heftier price tag as well.

Another popular type of pizzeria is the buffet. Buffets are great when you are feeding a big family or sports team, because everyone can get something they like without the fuss. Another benefit to a buffet is that they are usually “all you can eat” so no one goes away hungry. Pizza buffets often offer unusual combinations in conjunction with traditional favorites. If you have someone with you that prefers a salad or pasta instead, that is usually available as well.

Regardless of where you choose to get your pizzas, do not be afraid to try something different once in a while. If a new topping or sauce is featured, give it a try and see if you like it. In the mid-1990’s, one pizza chain started stuffing the crust with mozzarella cheese. This fad caught on because so many people enjoyed it. Some restaurants add chicken and BBQ sauce to their pies while still others feature flavored crusts and dipping sauces.

If you recently moved to a new area, give yourself time while you search for the perfect go-to spot for a great slice of pepperoni. After all, with all the shops out there, you can take your time and find the perfect pie.