Why Juicing Is Good For You

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The benefits of juicing are enormous and we should take full advantage of them. Unfortunately we do not eat the kind of foods that we should. In most cases we rush to whatever is next on our busy schedules. Because so many foods are available to us, we indiscriminately have a burger, a sandwich, or whatever, and gulp it down with some kind of processed drink and go-go-go. These foods generally have no nutritional value and have so many additives that we cannot even pronounce their names, not to mention the negative effects they will cause our health.

One of the other benefits of juicing is that fresh juice easy to make. Once you realize that the alternatives to “fast foods” and “junk foods” are available, you’ll also learn that the choices are plentiful and long-lasting. Buying your own fresh ingredients at the market and making your own juices can improve your diet tremendously. Your health will improve and you’ll be more readily fueled to take on the daily stresses and work load that the day might bring you.

Different vegetables can target different ailments. Cranberry juice can help combat kidney stones and urinary tract infections. Cabbage juice can be used to treat peptic ulcers, and Cherries contain small keracyantin, a pigment that can help the severity of gout attacks. Grapes are loaded with antioxidants called proanthoycyanidins which are present in the pits and are more powerful than vitamin C and E. Apples, avocados, celery and spinach are helpful in relieving insomnia, and juicing with dates, peas, sweet potatoes, pumpkin or raisins, can relieve hypertension. Although you might feel some relief from a soft drink, it is doing nothing to improve your system or to prepare you for your daily routine. When you make your own juice at home or at the office you’ll begin to take control of your health and you’ll feel the results almost immediately.

When you shop for vegetables you’ll become more aware of what nutrition is and how to adapt these different food values to your system. You’ll not only learn how to shop more purposefully, but also more intelligently. Always remember that you can mix fresh vegetables and fruits depending on availability, and you can make all kinds of adjustments to suit your taste. You can also add fresh herbs and spices that make things more palatable and interesting.

Juices can be used as meals in themselves and also as supplements to your diet. You’ll realize that you will need less volume of food once you begin a juicing regiment adapted to your needs.