A Beginners Guide to Being a Vegetarian

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Technology is a sign of development and a symbol for modern prosperity, but because of these advancements, we cannot deny the fact that too much will also increase health risks such as cancer and other dangerous diseases. Like for example, the tendency for a free radical to initiate cancer increases because of the development of new cosmetics or food that is sprayed with some pesticides or supplements that can harm people when eaten.

Because of this reason, people tend to be more health conscious and they want knowledge about the new things that the human race developed. So, consumers looked for alternatives wherein they can reduce their exposure to these health risks and that they want something that could give them longer life. With this pursuit of looking for a better lifestyle, some people turned to being a vegetarian. They chose to be and more or less, you chose to be a vegetarian because of health benefits and vitamins that you could get. I myself loves vegetables and as a matter of fact, my meal isn’t complete without it.

For a vegetarian, the heart of their diet is of course Vegetables. Some found these distasteful especially on the part of the kids. Kids surely loves meat! But parents, let’s think of its health benefits and other betterment that it could give to us. Today, many culinary schools, restaurants and chefs made new and delicious vegetable dishes that some of which already tastes like meat!

There are a huge array of vegetables, and all of which are full of vitamins and nutrients that helps the body to become healthy. As a matter of fact, eating vegetables can also fight aging because it also contains anti-oxidants that protects your skin from UV light and radicals present in our surroundings. In addition, eating vegetables also helps you lose weight. Now, we’re already talking about diet and aging! I knew it! People should love this piece of art created by our Holy God.

Vegetables does not only give you youth and great body but also boosts your immune system and improves your overall health. There are a number of health studies that show people who choose to be a vegetarian are likely to improve their health and longevity. Once study shows that, vegetarians experience a 30 per cent (30%) less heart disease, upto 40 per cent (40%) less prone to cancer and 20 per cent (20%) less premature mortality. It also shows that, people who have a good diet as a vegetarian have a decrease in blood pressure and circumstances of obtaining obesity and diabetes are reduced (Parragon Books Ltd, 2005).

While eating vegetables is good, having a balanced diet tops it all up. This includes eating fruits, eggs, dairy products,,nuts, seeds, lentils and pulses. A healthy diet can be achieved by careful planning and proper combination of foods. Though this method is quite difficult, you can get the hang of it through reading, practice and experience.

Eating vegetables are healthy but it is also advisable that you also include enough amounts of zinc, iron and Vitamin B, especially B12 (also known as cobalamin) because it maintains your nervous system and is essential for red blood cell formation. Sources of this are cheese, eggs, fortified soya milk. and fortified breakfast cereals.

The mineral zinc is essential for boosting your immune system, protecting you from diseases such as colds. A diet of a vegetarian contains low amounts of zinc because it is normally found in beans, lentils, dairy products, nuts, seeds. It is advisable that you take this into consideration especially when you are starting this kind of diet.

Last is iron, it is responsible in the formation of hemoglobin and plays an essential role in oxygen transport. A deficiency of iron is common to vegetarians because it is normally present in meat products but you can substitute lentils, beans, brown rice, broccoli, dried fruit, eggs, and dairy products. But, Iron found in vegetables are not easily absorbed by the body. So, taking Vitamin C will aid in the absorption in the body. A glass of orange juice will do the trick or you can buy supplements that are normally found in your local drugstores.