All About Firm Tofu and Its Many Wonderful Uses

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If you are new to the world of tofu and have only had it when served at a restaurant, possibly in a soup or as part of a side dish then you have most likely only eaten the firm tofu variety.

Firm tofu is most common type of tofu sold in the western world, though certain regions (of Asia in particular) prefer other varieties. Firm tofu is one of the 3 natural varieties of tofu available (the others being soft, or silken tofu and dry tofu) and varies greatly in how it’s produced. As a matter of fact, in this particular case the word “Firm” can be a bit of a misnomer as there is a wide range of firmness when it comes to this variety of tofu. Generally speaking, all firm tofu will be significantly firmer in consistency than butter or even a thick custard making it perfect for picking up with chopsticks or even stabbed with a fork.

Despite being firm, it’s actually far from being dry. There is a high amount of moisture that remains inside of the tofu making it a bit like a sponge. You can see this in action by gentry pressing on your firm tofu and watching it compress and bounce back to its original shape after you depress. Its resilient nature makes it easy to serve with a variety of foods (including hot liquids) without risk of being damaged.

There are some extreme examples of very firm or even “hard” tofu available on the market as well. Perhaps the best example of this is a made in Japan called and called “stone tofu.” As opposed to being made with traditional soy milk, this variety is made from a concentrate and is compressed during production to virtually eliminate excess moisture.

Most tofu recipes call for the firm variety due to its versatility and resilience. It can just as easily be served chopped and mixed into a salad as it can be served plan and on the side with a meaty dipping sauce. You can even find some great recipe’s enabling you to try it as a main dish!

Due to the varied nature of production and fluctuations in “firmness” the nutritional content between specific types of firm tofu can vary, however it’s generally low in calories and fat. Here’s a look at some sample nutritional information Nutritional Breakdown (Firm Tofu) Serving Size = 1/2 Cup Calories = 88 Fat = 5g Protein 10.3g Its not to difficult to find firm tofu in supermarkets and there are a variety of wonderful recipes available online. Try it today!