Pizza Is Loved by People Around the World

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Pizza is a popular menu item in many parts of the world. There are entire restaurants devoted to this one dish (called pizzerias) and since it is completely customizable, there is a pizza out there for everyone. While today’s pizzas look a little different from those originally made in Italy, the combination of tastes pleases millions around the world.

Italy is the birth place of the pizza. It is basically a round pie with a bready crust, topped with a tomato based sauce, cheese and various other toppings. While cheese was not an original topping (it was added starting in 1889) it now is a standard part of a traditional pie. It did not take long for this dish to make its way to other countries. Now, you can find pizza in countries all around the world.

It is likely that pizzas are so popular in other countries because they can incorporate tastes that are local to each area. In Korea, pizzas are topped with corn, crab and potato wedges (among other things). In India, you will find pies topped with chicken and locally made cheese. If you were to visit Brazil, you would likely enjoy a slice that had a combination of cheeses.

In America, this dish could easily become its own food group, especially among college students and other young people. Fish may be touted as a “brain food” but if you visit any dorm or frat house during finals week, you’ll likely find the students eating slices of their favorite pie and washing it down with their favorite soda.

It is unknown why pizzas are so popular around the world, but one could argue that it is economical and easily affordable by the masses. Bread is inexpensive to make, as is a basic tomato sauce. Toppings can be added sparingly or generously. Cheese is optional, really, although few Americans would forego it unless they had to for dietary reasons. Bread, sauce and cheese are filling and really make for an irresistible combination.

Chances are good that you and your family have a favorite pizzeria in your local area. What is amazing is that even in America, tastes vary so much. Some people prefer a lot of meat toppings, while others prefer vegetables. Many prefer a combination of both while still others like to add a little fruit (like pineapple) to theirs. Regardless of how you enjoy your pizzeria pie, you can enjoy being connected in some small way with the rest of the world. People are people, and good food is good food. Pizza is one way that these two things come together in nearly every place on this earth.