What to Expect If You’re a First-Time Mac User

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Macs are substantially more pricey than ordinary computers. Like many Windows and Linux users I used to find my self thinking about what is it like to be using a Mac? In this article I share with you the experience of using a Mac for the first time and also the information about what to expect when using a Mac and some of its benefits.

First Impression

The design is its essence. Everything is thought out in detail from the packaging to the aluminum cased device and glass screen. After you press the magic power button take time to admire the intro sound and beautiful desktop wallpaper. It will definitely not let you forget to smile for some time at least.

Get ready for fantastic user experience

Apple designers pay much attention to building highest standard user interfaces. Performing various actions on Mac may be unusual at first. But once you get used it becomes easy and natural. From personal experience I can say that user experience on Mac is one of it’s strongest points for which it is worth using.

Excellent user support

Should anything happen to your Mac just dial Apple’s telephone technical support. This is for the first 90 days after purchase date. If you want to enjoy the telephone support longer you must buy AppleCare plan.

Easy money spending

Eventually every Mac user will want to register iTunes account. iTunes is a very versatile application which acts as a media library and player, market place for music, videos, e-books, etc and a device central for synchronising and updating iDevices. The iTunes account is a corner-stone of Apple’s merchandising system. It uses your credit card details to make purchases in iTunes and App Store. The consequence of this is a seamless shopping experience and an increased monthly statement figure.

No self fiddling of hardware and OS

If you are used to manually cleaning Registry and quarterly reinstalling OS then forget all this. Due to its design Mac OS X is very stable. You will be able to use advanced features like Automator and Terminal. Intruding hardware makes warranty void. You may only manually upgrade RAM. For everything else you have to turn to authorised centre. The warranty for new Macs is one year.

Plenty of software

App store is an official application supplied with every Mac and used to obtain both free and paid software. Some developers don’t publish their software in App Store. That means you may find your self searching for Mac applications on the Internet.

No worries about safety

It is said that Mac computers are not vulnerable to viruses. From personal experience I can confirm that during several years of using iMac and MacBook Pro I never needed to install antivirus or remove a virus.

Getting used to

Mac OS X is a different operating system from Windows and Linux. And many things are done in a different, unique, Mac way. It will take you time to find out how to perform basic tasks on you Mac.

Weird slang

Apple uses self-created terminology to market all their products. At first it may be hard to know all the new words like Spotlight, Dock and Dashboard. Learning the vocabulary will help you to resolve your questions quickly.


Now you have an idea about what to expect if you decide to purchase a Mac. Some say that once you try it you will never go back. In my case it’s true. It’s up to you now to find out whether it will be true for you.