The Rise Of American Sweets

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Over the past 5 years, items from the USA have risen in popularity and demand! Items such as Lucky Charms, a commonly known breakfast cereal with small marshmallow treats have seen stockists trying to source all the goodies that America has to offer.

We all know the feeling of going to abroad, experiencing all the new surroundings, cultures and foods that they have to offer. Returning from your holiday, you start scouting the internet trying to desperately find those treats that you had on holiday only to find that they are nowhere to be seen in the UK! When returning and realising this, you wonder why you never filled your suitcase right to the top!

This is one of the main reasons that candy, chocolate, sauces, etc are so highly talked about over here…..we just can’t get them! But, with new and exciting sweet shops continuing to grow and expand, our favourites from across the pond can now be found an enjoyed from the comfort of your own home!

I have a major thing for American Sweets and enjoy many treats that they manufacturer that sadly, just weren’t available 5-10 years ago in the UK. Looking in supermarkets for these American Sweets was never going to be successful so i had to find another way to try to meet my addiction to candy and chocolate from America.

Well, i have now found it…online! With people importing lots of the best American products for everyone to enjoy, we can now relive those holiday memories and not have to wonder where our next fix of american candy is going to come from!

When visiting a candy store in America, the range of goods is simply remarkable. With lots of different types of candy ranging in size, colour and flavours, to offer a range anywhere near this over in the UK would be amazing and really improve the confectionery sector.

Creating a buzz is simple and very easy, everyone surely remembers a certain chocolate related film that aired quite a few years ago now featuring a shiny, golden ticket and a rather yummy factory. With delicious treats from established and imaginative manufactures, it couldn’t be more exciting to tuck into a chocolate bar. The excitement is then passed on when we tell all our friends and family.

Soon, the whole country will be enjoying treats from the USA, especially me! With items being delivered throughout the UK, if ordered online, we are nearly a few days away from our next American treat.