Guide in Choosing a Water Ionizer

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Alkaline water is the recommended type of water because of its detoxifying and acid-neutralizing properties. It helps the body to detoxify to its cellular level and improves the ability of your immune system. But you cannot have healthy water without having a machine that changes the ionic nature of water quite a bit. How will you choose the right water ionizing apparatus when there are several of these machines on the market? Here are some tips to help you.

1. Check the reputation of the seller. There are only a few reliable alkaline water machine sellers on the planet. These companies have made it long enough because of the quality of their machines and their good consumer relations. It’s easy to find them because their websites appear on the first page of Google when you look for them.

2. Know how their machines work. A water ionizer works through the principle of electrolysis. Water with some ions is subjected to electric currents that separate molecules to hydrogen and hydroxide ions. Such dissociation occurs at the electrodes. Hence, it is important to check the number of electrodes. How many electrodes does the machine have? The surface area of the electrodes is also essential to the efficiency of the apparatus. A water ionizing device with 3 big plates is often the one recommended. Make sure the electrodes are made of titanium plates coated with platinum. Otherwise, do not buy the product.

3. How much water can the machine produce? A cheap machine that takes a long time to produce a glass of water is just plain useless. Read the description for the water ionizer and see the rate at which it produces water.

4. Ask about the warranty period. While a one-year warranty for the alkaline water maker is okay, note that there are manufacturers that put a 5-year warranty on their machines. A good ionizer should last for about ten years, though.

5. The pH of water the machine produces is another consideration you need to make. Ideally, alkaline water should have a pH range from 8.5 to 9.5. Anywhere higher than this range makes water harsh to the body, while a pH reading lower than 8.5 means inadequate ionization process.

6. Check out the filtration mechanism of the water ionization apparatus. Modern ionizers are equipped with a water treatment system. Unwanted minerals from your tap water shall be filtered out before passing through the electrolysis system.

7. Make sure the device is easy to use. Good water ionizers are those that can be operated by simply pushing a few buttons. It’s frustrating to check the manual each time.

8. Compare prices of different brands of machines. Indeed, water ionizers have different prices, depending on the functionality and speed of operations. However, these machines are really pricey. The high price of these machines prevents many customers from buying them.

9. Look at the demos. The best way to understand the product is by watching the demos for it. Such demos actually provide usage instructions.

10. Read product reviews. Product descriptions and demos alone are not enough to decide whether you should buy the apparatus or not. You should read testimonials about the product to know its qualities and flaws.

All these reminders mean that you cannot rush buying decisions. Since water ionizers are expensive, it is only right that you choose the right water ionizing machine so that you do not end up wasting your money.