A Romantic Dinner!

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Dinner for two! A very special meal at a very special time for romance! Chocolate and champagne are a must!!

A Romantic Dinner!! Spring is upon us, and we are alive to enjoy another day – what a blessing!

Ahhh, romance… Is romance in your plans? If you are busy with life, stop and think: As long as we are alive and healthy, we can dream and have romantic notions. You know, romance is not just for the young… It’s a wonderful feeling that everyone deserves to experience! Make it happen, plan it – don’t leave it to chance!

Do something out of the ordinary. If you can afford it, travel to a romantic destination, even for just a day. Is this idea too much? Then spend a day in your own city. There is plenty to do and, at the end of the day, have a fabulous meal in a new place that you’ve always wanted to try. OK, so you’d rather have a romantic dinner at your place, cooking your favorite meal for your special someone. That is a wonderful idea! And here are a few tips to make your romantic dinner an unforgettable experience!What is the secret to aromantic dinner? How can you prepare a quiet dinner with delicious food but still have plenty of time to enjoy the company of your special friend?

The secret is… simplicity… and here is why…

Keeping things simple will eliminate stress, and the evening will flow nicely, as far as the food is concerned! One detail that will make the meal perfect is to know what your special someone likes and if there are allergies to consider. Remember – this is not the time to attempt fussy, complicated recipes. Familiar and easy recipes are important, for dishes that you can cook with no hesitation.In case you want to try something new, try it out ahead of time. This way, you will know exactly what to do and you will be happy with the results of your romantic dinner!

There is always a risk with a new recipe.What if you don’t like it? And you don’t want to spend all night in the kitchen, while your guest is all alone in the living room, watching TV!Try to remember that, while the food is important, it’s not the most vital element of the evening – the conversation, ambiance, and happy atmosphere are what make a successful romantic dinner.

I find it’s easier to cook for a man than to cook for a lady…

A man will be very happy with a good steak, a delicious fresh salad, a nice red wine, and a dessert with good coffee. “Steak au Poivre” (or steak with cracked pepper) is easy, and he can watch you make it. A simple steak in the right hands can be wonderful! Try a rib eye or sirloin with caramelized onions. Sauté the onions in plenty of butter and, before the onions start to brown, add a splash of dry sherry or good balsamic vinegar, flambé, and pour it over the cooked steak! Perfection!

Caution – when you cook steak, timing is crucial. Overcook it, and you’ve lost it (the steak, I mean – and maybe the man, as well!).

I also like lemon chicken with a small portion of lemon pasta. Salmon on a bed of onions with capers and lemon oil sauce is delicious, too. Prepare as much as possible of your dinner beforehand: set the table, make sure the wine is chilling, have the right music on, and remember to have a grand time! If something doesn’t appear to be perfect, play it like Scarlet O’Hara would – after all, tomorrow is another day! And your romantic dinner will be a huge success. (By the way, I love Scarlet!)

My suggestion to you is: Please have romantic dinners more often. They add spice to life!