How To Shop From The Grocery Store Meat Department

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Due to the fact that people usually ask for their meat to be cut in different shapes and sizes, the grocery store meat department has begun to make products fitting these descriptions. However, they cost more for convenience purposes. Here are a few solutions to save money.

1. Do Not Buy Packaged Pre-cut Products

Their price includes the convenience of buying them cut or chopped. Instead you should select the piece of meat that you like best and ask the salesman to cut it down to the size you want it. He is not allowed to change its price and you will end up paying less for the same thing. You can also find an already made mixture of meatloaf made from pork and beef. This is also pricier. You can pay less if you ask for separate portions of each of the two ingredients.

2. Avoid Ready Made Meals

You pay more in this case too because they are convenient. They are already prepared and all you have to do is to cook them. In order for you to save money, you should buy the ingredients separately. For the same price as you would pay on a ready made meal, you buy the same products but in higher quantities. In the case of meat which is very popular in a certain season, what is left at the end of the season is spiced and seasoned to cover any imperfections and sold. Buy a fresh product instead and ask the salesman to season it for you without having to pay more.

3. Prepare Kabobs By Yourself

It will be cheaper for you to make this special treat by yourself. You can buy the ingredients separately and mix them up to avoid paying more for convenience.

4. Avoid Pre-cut Vegetables

Vegetables can also be bought already cut down into pieces but for higher prices that reflect the extra operation. Moreover, the ones that are about to go bad are cut first. Thus, it’s best not to purchase vegetables with are packed after being cut into smaller pieces.

5. Additional Tips

You should verify the dates that appear on the packages. Always select the freshest products with the farther expiration date. In the case of chicken meat, you should buy organic meat which is labelled ‘WOG’ even if they are a bit more expensive. Choose the local suppliers from the area you reside in from grocery store meat department.