Top 10 Facts About the Importance of a Safe Physical Intercourse

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The gratification of physiological or biological needs is a natural process, but even while doing so, you can never overlook the prescribed precautionary measures. Many people still believe that they practice safe physical relationships only even though the truth might be that they are also prone to many hazards.

If you have never thought about the importance of a safe physical intercourse, then why not make a start today? It will be worthwhile to throw light on a few facts about this topic.

i. Adopting precautions for a safe physical relationship is mandatory to reduce the risks associated with it, such as minor infections or major ailments like AIDS.

ii. Even though there may be no early signs of infection, the infected person will continue to infect his/her partner whenever a physical intercourse takes place.

iii. Both your partner and you need to participate actively to achieve the goal of safe intercourses.

iv. Even the best contraceptives are not 100% foolproof when it comes to the prevention of infections.

v. If you adopt safety measures diligently, then you can avoid unwanted pregnancies too.

vi. It is not good to take even oral or anal physical relationships for granted.

vii. Researchers suggest the adoption of methods like masturbation and phone or cyber physical relationships to avoid the contact or mixing of bodily fluids. Thereby, the chances of infections are minimized effectively.

viii. There is an urgent need felt in terms of educating teenagers and college students especially about the importance of practicing a safe and protected physical relationship with their partner.

ix. There are some types of contraceptive mechanisms that can help you in preventing pregnancy but produce some serious side effects of which you might be unaware of. Check with your doctor about such medications.

x. With a radical change being witnessed in terms of the socio-cultural environment, such as gay marriages and lesbian relationships, the need of the hour is to create a widespread awareness among people, especially couples, about the significance of safe physical relationships.

Tips from experts to practice safe gratification of physiological needs

• Make your needs known to your partner.

• Plan and be prepared well in advance to avoid any kind of slippage.

• Unprotected relationships are not only hazardous to your health but also disastrous to your partner’s well-being.

• Adopt safety measures to prevent infections mutually.

Even though your partner might understand you well as you have been in a relationship for quite some time, it is better to have a detailed discussion often on this topic.