CPR Is An Insurance Policy

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Do you plan on dropping dead tomorrow? No, then why do you carry a life insurance policy? Do you plan on being in a car crash or have your house burn down? If not why do you carry automobile insurance and home insurance? Learning CPR is an insurance policy. It is a policy that we should keep but, like a life insurance policy, we hope we never get to collect on it.

Those of us that have learned how to perform CPR hope we never have to practice these skills, but if we do then we may be able to make a life changing difference. We may actually save a life. In the same way we carry life, auto, and home insurance policies, CPR is there for the “just in case” moment.

Every year I mumble and groan when I have to fork over hard earned money to pay the premium for my life, home, and auto policy. Yet year after year I pay the premium “just in case” I need it. CPR has a cheap premium and only takes 3 to 4 hours to learn. Other than a refresher ever 2 years a CPR certification is probably the easiest insurance policy to maintain.

Many people maintain the attitude that my “family is healthy” or “Isn’t that what we pay taxes for – a 911 and Fire / EMS service.” I have heard of people dropping their home insurance only to have a hurricane or a fire destroy their home a few months later. Look over your dining room table at the next meal you eat as a family and think to yourself “they are the reason for my life insurance policy.” How hard is it then to say the same thing about a CPR class? We need to maintain a CPR certification as we have no idea when these skills are needed. Maybe it won’t be a family member. Maybe it will be a coworker or even a total stranger in the mall or airport.

Insurance policies are often a waste of money as we rarely get to use them, yet we still maintain them for that “just in case” moment in life. In the same way CPR should be learned and refreshed ever 2 years for that moment that we face a choice of stepping up to possibly help save someone’s life. If others maintain this positive attitude then maybe the life that is saved might be your own.