Making Delivery Work More Enjoyable – Spreading Holiday Cheer

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Many delivery work professionals consider the holiday season the most taxing time of the year-bad weather, rush deliveries and stressed clients all magnify what is already a challenging job. However, this season has also has distinct advantages: there is greater demand for delivery work, you get more interesting assignments, clients tip more generously and, perhaps best of all, there are a lot more happy people, which is a plus in any job. As a transport professional, you are in a unique position to help spread cheer this holiday season. Listed below are a few ways you can do so, and make your job more fun at the same time!

Play holiday music

Music is practically a given when it comes to a job on the road; in fact, it’s one of the tried-and-true tools of keeping alert and sane during long lonely drives or endless hours stuck in traffic. Many people may claim to hate holiday music, but the truth is, that’s only because it’s not their music. These days, holiday music is produced for every taste and style, from ultra-traditional classical holiday music, to punk rock or grunge. Help spread the cheer by creating a holiday-themed playlist to jingle bell rock your way through your deliveries. Also consider a special horn that plays excerpts from holiday songs just for the season.

Tip: Act as one-person caroller during your work. Holiday music always puts people in a generous mood-you might even get better tips!

Decorate your vehicle

Santa Claus employs many helpers during the holiday season. Every one knows these include the store Santas and elves, but what they don’t know is that probably the most important of these helpers are the delivery work professionals who help Santa deliver gifts and packages-after all, not every gift can fit into his sleigh! You may not have a sleigh of your own, but you can still join in the holiday spirit by bedecking your vehicle. If you have a larger vehicle, such as a truck or van, consider having a holiday scene sticker printed to attach to the sides of your vehicle. Brighten the days of the people that see your vehicle in addition to the recipient.

Tip: Many establishments take out billboards during the holiday season. Approach one of them and offer to serve as a ‘moving’ billboard for their company – for a fee, of course!

Wear a costume

Whether directly or indirectly, many haulage professionals accept delivery work related to gift giving during the holidays. Whether it’s transporting a shipment of toys for a pricey retail store or transporting donated food for soup kitchens, generosity is everywhere. Let’s face it, during the holiday season Santa’s helpers are everywhere. Join his army and help keep the holiday magic alive.

Tip: Many retail establishments hire ‘Santas’ to deliver gifts. Why not consider making this an extra service offered to your clients-deliver their packages in costume to give the recipient an extra special holiday surprise!