Causes of Lymphatic Congestion

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Lymphatic congestion is becoming a common problem that most people have never even heard of. It is caused by the buildup of toxins in the body over a period of time. This buildup of toxins comes from unnatural foods and other toxins in the environment that collect inside the body slowly destroying the immune system.

For this to make more sense, you should understand how the lymphatic system works. The lymphatic system is comprised of a clear liquid that is present in 90% of bodily fluid. This liquid, made of electrolytes and nutrients, flows through the body’s arteries and veins almost the same way as blood. The difference between the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid is that blood is pumped by the heart, while lymphatic fluid is moved through the body by breathing, contracting and relaxation of skeletal muscles and by the rhythmical contraction of small sections of the lymph vessels, called lymphangions.

The continuous flow of lymphatic fluid depends on regular exercise and body movement. The constant flow of lymphatic fluid is vital for a healthy immune system, but sometimes it becomes congested. Lymph nodes make immune cells that help the body fight infection. Lymph nodes also filter the lymph fluid and remove foreign material such as bacteria and cancer cells.While toxins absorbed into the body are a main cause of lymphatic congestion, there are other causes. Lack of adequate exercise can cause that stagnation of lymphatic flow. When the lymphatic flow isn’t moving properly, the immune system isn’t able to fight off illnesses or diseases. Mild symptoms will occur in the beginning, but as the immune system continues to weaken, serious diseases like heart disease, cancer, and respiratory failure can occur. Signs you may have lymphatic congestion in the beginning are fatigue, frequently getting sick, cellulite, popping clogged ears, acne that lingers, swollen lymph nodes in arm pit, neck or groin and allergies.

If you think you might have lymphatic congestion, it’s not as bad as you may think. Most of the remedies to make your lymphatic system healthy again are things you can do without going to a doctor. (Though you should always go to a doctor if you are unsure, or have serious symptoms). Remedies include getting a massage, exercise, rebounding, yoga, passing on sodas and other sugar laden drinks, eat raw fruit on an empty stomach, use essential oils such as cypress, eat lots of organic green leafy vegetables, dry skin brushing, alternating hot and cold showers, drinking hot water for an entire day twice an hour and deep breathing. If you try these and your symptoms are not getting better, you should see your doctor.