Factors Affecting Male Fertility

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The joy of parenthood easily comes to many couples; but, there are a few of them out there struggling and striving hard to beget a child. The reasons for infertility are many and complicated too as both the partners have to be tested and treated in some cases while in some either the man or the woman has some problem and needs treatment.

If you have been unsuccessful in primary conception even after many diligent attempts, then you need to realize that there is some hidden trouble that needs to be not only diagnosed but also effectively treated earnestly to become a father soon.

Like female fertility issues, many men also face infertility woes due to reasons that can be classified as

• Physiological

If you are too tired or busy with your work to sit down and plan or analyze the causes for the delay in conception, then you may be losing precious time. In the beginning, you may take it rather lightly. But once a few years pass by, you realize that something is grievously wrong somewhere. It is a myth to take things for granted and wait for years together for conception.

• Emotional

Your emotional highs and lows can badly affect your moods and in turn your sexual health. When there is a lack of good understanding between your spouse and you, naturally your fertility rate is also down. Other factors affecting male fertility at the emotional level are stress and strain, nervous debility or depression.

• Biological

Some men face problems that include both inherent ones and habitual ones, such as

i. Obstruction in the tubes

ii. Injury in testes or groin region

iii. Varicocele

iv. Inability to penetrate the vagina of your partner due to reasons like erectile dysfunction and improper or premature ejaculation

v. Chronic infections like flu and diseases like cancer or high blood pressure

vi. Vices like smoking, alcohol or drug addiction

vii. Intake of medicines for other medical conditions like thyroid or hormone problems

viii. External factors like exposure to toxins or extreme cases of radiation

Apart from these major factors, experts opine that a few minor reasons could also contribute to male infertility. They can be listed as:

• Opting for sexual intercourse at the wrong time, especially when your partner’s body is not ready.

• Heat and obesity are also ominous for conception.

• Unprotected sex can lead to STIs or STDs, which can also prove detrimental for conception.

So, seeking the right medical advice before it is too late is the best solution for male infertility.