The Layman’s Guide to Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm for Martial Arts Training

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With the popularity in Martial Arts Training or Mixed Martial Arts training, injuries can occur, knowing how some famous Traditional Chinese Medicinal liniments work, can be of great benefit.

Since the arrival of the UFC, Martial Arts training has exploded, we are seeing MMA gyms opening everywhere teaching Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing and more. We saw a similar burst when Bruce Lee appeared before our eyes in the Green Hornet and then on the big screen with his first film Fists of Fury. Now we are training for self protection and fitness, along with competition. Martial Arts training can be incredibly satisfying and rewarding but also painful with the risk of possible injuries. Knowing how to handle these injuries will make you a better participant and avoid future health problems.

Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm are two products used to help recover from training injuries. They are both herbal liniment type products that are applied locally to the injured area and soaked in through the skin to help heal.

As in most Martial Arts training striking is used as part of the training regimen. Either striking with the hands, feet or shins creates micro traumas to those areas causing Qi blockage, when Qi is blocked pain ensues, without proper treatment and with continued striking this Qi blockage becomes worse and more serious problems can develop.

By using Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm you are helping to unblock the Qi flow, activate blood movement, relax the tendons and ligaments and increase bone strength. The important key here is the movement of Qi. When Qi moves pains disappear, when Qi is blocked or stagnated then there is pain. There are two types of Qi we need to be concerned about regular Qi and Wei Qi. Wei Qi often described as the defensive Qi handles and protects our injured areas. Buying the correct type of Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm is critical since the herbs in the formula must stimulate both types of Qi otherwise the liniments will not do their job.

The formulas we have been selling for over 20 years have the right herbs past down from the ancient masters. By using our formulas properly you not only condition your hands, shins or other striking areas but you are speeding up healing from the damage done in training. This is important so it does not lead to other conditions like arthritis.

If you are familiar with acupuncture you know blood and Qi flow through Meridians which I like to call the little super highways in our bodies. When you sustain a painful injury like a sprain, contusion or a bad bruise most likely you blocked the Qi flow to the Meridian or the Meridian itself. Applying Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm to those serious injuries opens up the flow of Qi through those superhighways.

In some cases when the injury is very traumatic like hitting your thumb with a hammer besides Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm you might need to take an internal formula like ChinKoo which helps open up the Qi and blood flow internally. If you are not familiar with ChinKoo it is a classic Chinese Patent Formula consisting of herbs you would find in external Dit Da Jow, this formula will help with bruising, swelling and breaks up blood stagnation, and helps stop pain, also very good sprained joints.Very bad sprains which are basically when a joint is extended past its normal range of motion require extra treatment with Iron Palm since Iron Palm helps with the sinew recovery; sinew is essentially the connective tissue around the joint.

Do I need the Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm?

The short answer is yes and let me tell you why if you are seriously training in a sport that requires contact of any kind then you should have both. If you are not doing any type of contact training, but are in a trade like a plumber or carpenter then maybe not.

Here is comparison chart for Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm

Dit Da Jow Iron Palm

Heals Bruises Heals Tendons, Sinew, Bones

Stops Pain Stops Pain

Strengthens Blood Vessels Strengthens Bones, Tendons, and connective Tissue

Reduces Swelling Conditions the Hands, Shins for Heavy Contact

Stops Blood Stagnation Protects Contact Area from Serious Injury

Moves Qi Moves Qi

As you can see from the above chart both the Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm are similar but they also work on distinctly different areas of healing. I combine 4-6oz of each in a glass jar and use it prior to and after training. If there is a particular area that needs attention then I will rub it on several times a day. I try to practice preventive medicine, by applying these liniments I feel I am not only helping my body heal but strengthening it as well to prevent injuries in the future.

Serious injuries of course will require a trip to the doctor and this article is in no way trying to treat any illness or injury that is for your doctor to do, this article is to give you insight into what has been done over a thousand years to treat injuries from combat or other trauma related body injuries. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced for over 2000 years some even say close to 5000. That is a long time with plenty of success.